Sony Holland @ Reverbnation

stand alone player

You can join the street team mailing list, become a fan, buy the CD's or MP3"s, share this widget on your blogs and websites or simply enjoy the music.

For more information or to order CD's or MP3's please visit the Sony Holland Website.


Gec said…
Nice songs, is there a way to order the CD online? I can't find the link.
Yes, you can go to and order through CD Baby or Itunes if you just want the mp3's. Or you can let me know where you are located and which cd's you like and order them through me directly. I have a few left.
RNSANE said…
No better music anywhere, of course, than this wonderful jazz diva - especially, in my opinion, when she sings the lyrics of that masterful songwriter, Jerry Holland.
Carmen - No Truer Words...

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