Wordless Wednesday - The Botanical Gardens

Being Wednesday allows me to showcase some of my favorite spots in San Francisco. These photos were taken a few days ago at the Botanical Gardens while I was in the area visiting the Academy of Sciences. Remember to click on the photo to see the full size image. Enjoy!


barbkaus said…
Beautiful! I love botanical gardens.
kml said…
This looks like a spectacular place to spend an afternoon. So beautiful!
Ratty said…
I think the Botanical Gardens are one of my favorite places there too, even though I've only ever seen your pictures of them. I really like the picture with the gnarled tree and the wooden walkway. That's one of my favorite type of things here too.
rainfield61 said…
I always want to have pictures on waterscape. The reflection is kind of telling the truth of the actual things which we may have focused differently.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. The third picture is my favorite, but they are all breathtaking!
zorlone said…
Picture number 3 and 4 are my favorites. I feel like writing poetry just by looking at the splendid shots.

barbkaus, thank you I love the gardens too.

kml, I do spend alot of my time there :)

Ratty, I love trees so that is one of my favorites as well.

rainfield, exactly, you are very insightful.

Icy, Thank you :)

Zorlone, go ahead and write the poetry and use the pics if you like too. I will write a post about it and link back to your blog :)
Daisy said…
Woah! What marvelous garden photos! I love the tree with those bending trunks. Like arms about to hug you in its warmth.

Btw, I haven't thanked you yet for following my blog and the ec ad. I approved it now and it would be up in a few days.

And as promised, you follow, I follow!

jakill said…
Beautiful pics, Joanne.

There is an award waiting for you at my blog. But please don't feel obliged to do anything about it unless you want to. They can be very time consuming. I just wanted to show my appreciation.
Daisy, Thanks for stopping by. I like your insight on that photo :) Thanks for approving the ec ad as well. Have an awesome weekend.

jakill, thank you so much for the comments and the award - very swett of you and very much appreciated :)
RNSANE said…
I am treating myself, today, and catching up on all your wonderful blogs that I missed...this one is especially beautiful. Thanks, Jo.

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