The One Lovely Blog Award

I want to thank Icy over at Reach Beyond Limits for this award. It is always so inspiring to know that my fellow writers appreciate what I do each day. Receiving awards such as these are special and very much appreciated.

To participate, if you so choose, save the award photo to your computer, nominate your favorite blogs with a link to each blog and post a comment to your recipients letting them know they received the award.

So, I would like to pass on this award to those that inspire me each day and make blogging fun and worthwhile.

1. Robin's Nest is a poetry blog which displays passion, insight and a sense of belonging.

2. Reach Beyond Limits allows me to see and appreciate everyday life for its simple pleasures through writing, poetry and photography. Icy has a gift which she so eloquently shares with the world through her creativity.

3. Ratty over at The Everyday Adventurer takes everyday adventures (hence the name) and turns them into fascinating tales of nature's glory and power. I am always left with a profound sense of wonder after visiting this charming blog.

4. Zorlone is a true creative spirit who writes poetry that will leave you spellbound. His insights and traditional style of writing is second to none. As a poet I am in awe of his talents.

5. Betchai over at The Joys of Simple Life leaves me breathless with her stunning photography. This blog is the epitome of appreciating the simplicity of nature and enjoying life moment by moment.

Please do go visit these blogs. I want to thank Icy again for this award.


betchai said…
thanks a lot Jo, it is really an honor to be in your list knowing how creative you are as an artist and a writer.
BC Doan said…
Thank you Jo..betchai stole my words!!! :-)
zorlone said…

I am humbled by your words,
mine escaped.
Searched gifts for ladies and lords,
of various shapes.

Awards fit not to honor you,
but permanent links.
Icon of a friendship that is true,
not a childish wink.

Garden playgrounds with fields of gold,
to start.
Memories awaiting endlessly to be told,
your work of art.

Ratty said…
Thanks, I appreciate the award very much. You describe my blog better than I can.
Robin said…
Thank you so much! I am honored you thought of me :)

Congrats to you!
betchai, you are welcome and thank you.

Icy, lol! Thanks so much.

Z, You are a sweetheart :)

Ratty, lol!

Robin, Thanks and I love your blog.

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