Ghirardelli Square Uncorked?

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Ghirardelli Square "Uncorks" on May 16th. This annual event in San Francisco is a favorite among bay area dwellers and tourists. With over 50 wineries participating in this palate pleasing soiree there is enough to go around for everyone.

I have been to this event many times and I absolutely love it. In addition to the wineries there are cooking demonstrations which are always a favorite of mine and live music which for me is the main event at this festival.

The event is free however if you buy tickets there is an unlimited availability of wine tasting throughout the festival.

I also want to personally thank Lyndsay Maxon for this fantastic annual event. So, come on out to the square on the 16th and join the fun.

For more information including a schedule of events visit the Ghirardelli Square website.


betchai said…
have fun Jo, i do not drink wine (have allergies with it) but i do love to listen to live music and see those cooking demonstration.
RNSANE said…
Oh, Jo, I won't be back from my cruise until the 17th...what luck...I hate to miss this shindig. I will just have to sit in the wonderful wine bar on the Mariner and toast you guys while I'm at sea. Hope the weather stays nice.
BC Doan said…
This sounds so much fun, and if I was there, I would be tasting all the food!!
Ratty said…
It does sound like fun. I love the taste of wine, but I don't drink. I've only ever had little sips. It's the only alcoholic drink I've ever found pleasant.
betchai, I really go for the live music and cooking demonstrations :)

Carmen, The weather should be as it is now. Nice and warm.

Icy, Yep, the food is always great there, not to mention the chocolate :)

Ratty, I'll raise a glass to you :)

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