Wordless Wednesday - Alligators, Lizards, Sharks & Snakes

From the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco I decided to display a photo montage of the attractions which made me shudder in fear yet happy they were all behind glass or confined to exhibits. There is a video as well. Enjoy!


rainfield61 said…
I still remember the story on a snake thta went into your house. You are surely safe this time.
Ratty said…
These animals are always much more fun when they're behind glass, especially the snakes. I like all of the animals like this, but snakes are the most interesting to me when they're in a place like this.
Anonymous said…
I will stay behind the glass cage with you! They are great to look at, from this point.
Dorothy L said…
Love the iguanas...but I so do not do snakes ewwwwww!

People always say...oh they are not poisonous....like that makes a difference.
It is a true traumatic trigger for me and I have no idea why..

Spiders I have no problem with at all where a lot of people fear them.

Different strokes for different folks :)
rainfield, yep it brought back memories of seeing that snake.

Ratty, exactly. Even behind glass I did not spend much time in that area.

Icy, I totally agree :)

Dorothy, snakes make me cringe poisonous or not.
Ana said…
I love animals, and those pictures are amazing. So good to capture them isn't it. :) Good that they are behind the screen for you. :)
Glynis said…
Reminds me of my house a few years ago. Son and DH had pets like this. Son is now a herpetologist/Zoologist and I have wild snakes in the garden but not in the house!
Ana, Well said :)

Glynis, Wow, so you are used to them.
Ms Terri said…
I'm okay with looking at the snakes, but the thing that really freaks me out me is the giant cockroach! Did you see it? It's in a cage in the rainforest exhibit. I could only take a tiny peek, and then I had to look away.
Terri, I did see it. It was disgusting although I did try and get a photo of it but it was too dark. Pretty gross huh?
Ms Terri said…
It was one of the grossest things I've ever seen! ;)
RNSANE said…
I am not fond of these creatures but they are certainly more interesting to look at when confined to a safe place. My son, Jeremy, swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman and even kissed one - and loved the experience. Growing up in the South, I abhor cockroaches and all creepy, crawly things.
Anonymous said…
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