Pier 39 in San Francisco

Home to world class dining, shopping and entertainment, Pier 39 is located on Beach Street along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. This post will feature important facts and information.

Information: The retail shops within the complex are open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm with extended hours of operation during Summer months. The full service restaurants are open from 11:30 am with some opening earlier for breakfast. There are also many small kiosks where you can buy coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs, corn dogs, sodas etc…

Security: Pier 39 is patrolled around the clock, 24 hours a day. The head of security is maintained by the SFPD and the security guards are experienced professionals who are certified in First Aid, CPR, The Automated External Defibrillator and Fire and Life Safety. They are well versed in law enforcement techniques and a wide range of emergency response scenarios.

Directions & Parking: Pier 39 is a major destination and therefore accessible by all major thoroughfares and freeways. The Pier 39 garage is located directly across street from the Pier. Patrons of any of the full service restaurants receive one hour validated parking for lunch and two hours validated parking anytime after 6:00 pm. Visit the Pier 39 website for detailed directions.

Accessibility: Pier 39 is handicap friendly and accessible to all. You can also receive sign language for live performances with a two week advanced notice. Call 415-705-5500 for further detailed information.

Anniversary: Pier 39 is currently celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary with special events throughout the year.

California Welcome Center: The welcome center is located on level 2. Pier 39 has two levels. The welcome center is the official California Visitor Information Center for San Francisco and the entire Bay Area. It’s hours of operation are seven days a week from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Internet access and luggage storage is also available. Phone # 415-981-1280.

Public Transportation:

In San Francisco: The following MUNI lines go to Pier 39. The F line streetcar, bus #’s 30, 47, 10, 19 and 39. For trip planning click the MUNI link. On this website you can also plan your trip around the Bay Area by using the handy trip planning tool. Also taxi’s are plentiful and always available within the city.

From the East Bay: Blue and Gold Fleet ferry services from Alameda/Oakland and Vallejo - 415-773-1188. There is also AC Transit at 510-817-1717. My personal suggestion is to take BART when traveling to and from the East Bay to San Francisco. It is the quickest and most inexpensive means of travel. However if you want the scenic route, the Blue and Gold Fleet is the way to go.

From the South Bay: Caltrain or Sam Trans. Again, by going to www.511.org you can plan your trip and find all the information you need.

From the North Bay: The Blue and Gold Fleet ferry service from Sausalito or Tiburon - 415-773-1188. Golden Gate Transit 415-455-2000.

Shopping: There are over 110 specialty shops catering to souvenirs as well as high end gift shops.

Dining: From your favorite catch of the day to Italian cuisine and casual fare there is something for everyone.

Sea Lions: The major attraction of Pier 39 and located at Pier 39’s K dock which is located on the left hand side as you enter the main plaza toward the end of the pier. Just follow the barking.

Bay Views: There are panoramic bay views throughout Pier 39. Alcatraz and San Francisco Bay are the highlights.

Fun and Activities: Pier 39 is fun for the whole family. From the Riptide arcade to the Frequent Flyer Bungee Jumping to the San Francisco Carousel kids and adults of all ages love these attractions. For you music lovers out there the entrance plaza hosts musical performances 365 days a year.


barbkaus said…
This is one place I've actually been. Thanks so much for posting this. Next time I'm up in San Francisco I'm definitely going back. Barbara (MSp)
BC Doan said…
Pier 39 is one of my favorite places to hang out for the day when I was in California..I love it there. Great post Jo!
Ratty said…
This is the kind of place I've been telling people we should have here at our Detroit River. I never thought it would happen, but I think we are getting ready to see the beginnings of something like it. There should be places like this along every city's waterfront.
katherine said…
Nice place. I wish i can come there in the future. Have a nice weekend.
Barb, It is so much fun there. The Sea Lions alone are worth the visit :)

Icy, Thanks hope you can make it back here again.

Ratty, I totally agree and I hope it works out in your hometown.

Katherine, I wish you would. And you have a nice weekend as well.
Laura said…
I've been to San Francisco a number of times, and Pier 39 is always a must stop. My favorite part of it is the seals. :)

The last time I was there, I had the opportunity to watch some street performers flash me back to the 80's doing a very athletic show of (my mind is slipping - the dance where people spin on their backs on the floor ...)

Anyway, it is a great place to hang out. :D
betchai said…
when I think of Pier 39, I think of great fresh sea foods, those really yummy crabs :) this is very helpful information that tourists will fin very helpful Jo, I know how much time it takes to come up with this kind of post, so I really thank you since these information would be very helpful for me as well.
Laura, I love the sea lions, they are the main attraction out there. That's one thing i enjoy about Pier 39 is the live music and performers everyday out there.

betchai, thanks. There's Boudin's sourdough shop where you can get hot, thick clam chowder and eat it out of a sourdough bread bowl - I love it!
Stephanie M said…
Thanks for the pictures - I have fond memories of SF, and this brings them all back!

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