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I've been contemplating for weeks whether or not I should tell my story about and finally realized after reading some of the posts on their forums by newbies that I should get all the facts out there so that new bloggers are able to make informed decisions about whether or not they should be blogging with

I joined up with them in September of 08 after seeing an ad on Craigslist. At that time I knew absolutely nothing about blogging. When I saw that they paid $1.00 per post for two blogs plus $0.02 per impression I thought well, why not give it a try. So, I signed up, got my two blogs A Poets View and My City By The Bay. I took my blogging very seriously and posted daily. It was like a job for me. I must say that I learned alot from all of my fellow bloggers in the forums. I was always able to get a quick response by other bloggers to my questions. Admin, half the time ignored what they did not want to answer.

In the beginning it was great. My traffic was steadily growing and I was gaining readers each day. I loved writing on the San Francisco blog because it allowed me to be a tourist in my own hometown. It was fun. Then, decided to change the blog templates to a universal one. I didn't like the idea but went along with it. Then they decide to implement their advertising program. The rates in the beginning were very low at only $4.99 to advertise on any blog for the entire month. This was before they made it public. I admit I thought it was a great idea so I went ahead and bought advertising on some of my favorite blogs including my own. What they did not tell us was that after a months time the rates could skyrocket. When I found out I immediately wrote to them and told them I could not afford those ridiculous rates. I got an email from them telling me that the way it works is that once we buy the ads they will stay in effect until either I or they decide to cancel them. Which basically told me that they stay at the original price until someone else buys them at a higher rate. I knew then, that they could not be trusted.

The new advertising guru HP had told me before this happened that he would be talking to me about being partners with him in the revshare program. When I let all the ads cancel after the month's end, I never heard from HP again.

Then they come up with the affiliate program. Again I thought well why not? It's a way of making some extra money. So, I implemented affiliate ads into each post, which by the way I did not enjoy doing because I didn't want my posts to look like I was selling something. Not to mention, on my San Francisco blog all the affiliate ads for tours, attractions etc... were way overpriced in comparison to actually being in San Francisco and buying tickets and I felt bad about that but again, I did what they asked. I also realized that there was really no way for me to see any stats on these affiliate ads. We had to just go by what told us. I made one sale for eight cents.

Then comes the Entrecard debacle. I had a problem with a virus from an EC ad at that same time banned them. Then, they decide not to ban them but threaten if we allow any paid ads our accounts would be closed. The whole thing was ridiculous.

We've always been told that traffic from Google pays the $0.02 CPM well I can tell you for a fact that they are lying about that statement. For almost a month I didn't post on either blog or advertise them. My stats showed traffic only from Google and the amount did not add up to the $0.02 they claimed. Not only that for some reason they disabled Google Analytics so we could no longer track the stats - a second red flag for me.

In March, gives me the Editor's Choice award for my A Poet's View blog. Of course I'm thrilled to get that and I'm thinking how wonderful they are and even write a post about how they are the most wonderful blogging community around. The day after, that same blog is taken off PPP. I'm obviously baffled as to why so I write asking what's going on and of course, no response. I write again and I'm told that quote "It's just A Poets View and not on My City By The Bay." That didn't really answer my question but I left it at that.

During this same time I do a copyscape search on both blogs as I did on a monthly basis. To my horror I find that since middle March each and every post on my A Poets View blog had been scraped to include not only the text but the photos and affiliate links as well. The text was somehow altered so that it was not verbatim and the posts were on at that time five different blogs. They are now on eight different blogs all located in Russia. I totally panicked, did not know what to do so I wrote to admin. I heard nothing, I wrote on the forums pleading for help and of course I heard nothing from admin but did receive some good suggestions from fellow bloggers. I wrote again to admin and they told me quote "thank you for bringing this to our attention." I would think that since owned the content they would help in resolving the issue but did nothing. I issued a cease and desist order which I found online but of course they plagiarists ignored the order and there was really nothing more I could do. I blogged about the plagiarism and received many comments including one from another blogger who mentioned that there was another blogger on who was posting scraped content from the Washington Post website on pasting it on her own blog at A day later I get an email from Admin telling me to delete that comment because it "looked bad" for I hated censoring a comment but I deleted it.

As a result of the plagiarism I no longer could stomach writing on A Poets View blog any longer so I stopped. At the same time I noticed and began reading about all the bloggers who were locked out with their accounts and being closed for speaking out in the forums. When I heard that I decided that I no longer wanted any part of

I checked my stats and realized that I would just make the $50.00 payout for the month so I would wait to do or say anything. Then, as we all know payday is the 10th of the month. So, on May 8th, we all receive an alert while looking at our VIP stats that if we made $600.00 for the year we would have to send them a w9 before we were paid. Well, because of that award I received and the fact that I was still on the PPP for My City By The Bay, I reached that amount. So, on Friday the 8th, I download the w9 in it's entirety, fill it out, sign it and mail it. It was being mailed to PA from California so it would not take more than three days to arrive. I contact them on the13th and they tell me they don't have it. We go back and forth with emails and by this time you have to realize I do not trust anything they say or do so I finally tell them if I don't receive my pay NOW I'm contacting my attorney. They write back and tell me they are sorry I feel this way but they cannot pay until they receive the w9 because they are now based in the USA as opposed to being in Canada. Long story short and I know, I'm sorry this is so long, I tell them that I will send it again and if I don't receive my pay by the 22nd - can you say lawsuit? I then decided since I don't have a scanner I'll take a photo of the w9 and email it. Seconds later, I receive an email from accounting telling me the funds have been deposited.

I then write a post on My City By The Bay blog redirecting everyone to my new blog. I get an email from a few hours later saying my account was closed. I checked My City By The Bay blog and they deleted my post redirecting everyone to my new blog. I knew they were going to do that.

I'm sure there are some points I'm forgetting here because there were so many things that happened. However what I know now is that having your own blog with the freedom to do and say whatever you want far outweighs any pennies you will receive from I do however have to thank all the help I received from my fellow bloggers there.

Also another point I want to make. The latest in their advertising "schemes" If you look at any of their blogs you will see green highlighted words which are basically links to websites that are selling you something. The bloggers obviously had nothing to do with these ads. They were implemented by HP in advertising.

That's my story and I just wanted everyone to have the facts. It is so nice to have my own blog, with my own ads even if all I get is pennies a day with AdSense. I know it will grow and I feel so much better about not having to "pimp" my blog for's greed.


Ratty said…
I'm really glad you shared this. I was pretty sure there was something wrong, but out of respect I would never ask. This post was very informative. There was a time last year when I considered moving to, but now I will never do it. Thanks for telling your story, and I'm glad you like Blogger so far.
barbkaus said…
Thanks so much for all of this valuable information. Barbara (MSp)
flit said…
They have SO little integrity that I would recommend anyone stay the heck away from them these days... which is sad, as I used to think highly of
Sherri said…
Yeah, it is a shame. Like you, I learned so much and benefited from the community, but things changed so much. I'm trying to reach payout, then I'm gone, too. I'm sure you'll be very successful with your new blog, and I hope you don't have any problems with the plagiarists.
betchai said…
Oh Jo, am sorry, you really went through a lot with Today. Actually, one of the reasons I went out of Today is because I do not like the tone anymore in the forum as if our voice is no longer important, I feel like, "why do I continue to write for you when you don't even show me some dignity?", thankfully, when I stopped posting there, I already got my pay-out. But I feel really sorry, how I wished I started right here at Blogger.
vanilla said…
Thanks for sharing Joanne, I'm almost pimped my blog to too. Good thing I did some research before.
zorlone said…
What started as a hopeful dream turned into a nightmare. The pay out was tough, but the plagiarism issue?

I hope you are feeling a lot better now and some solutions were provided on your behalf.

rainfield61 said…
Although I do not have this service over here, it is still a good sharing to me.
We still have many affiliate programme around, it is good if someone can share their experiences as well.
Icy BC said…
You've gone through a lot with them, Joanne!

After I reached my first pay-out, they took me off PPP, so I wrote a post to thank everybody and informed them that I wouldn't be posting there regularly anymore! That same night, Today sent me an email saying: "we will close your account for you", and deleted that post! I can't get into my account to know how much they owe me, but I know for sure, I will never see that money! They run a really BAD business..
Phyl said…
Thank you so much for this! One great thing, being kicked out of Td.c on April 5th, was discovering that they had kicked out most of their best bloggers (certainly the ones who were intelligent enough to ask questions), so I wasn't alone.

I'm very, VERY pleased that Canada is no longer tainted with them, but I'm sorry they're now inflicting themselves on people as an America-based company.

At least, having them now out of my country, I know that I can repost all my best stuff from the Td.c blog. And I dare them to come here and try to do anything to me. Oh, the newspaper and TV news stories that could generate, woo!

Ahem. Anyway, I'm so glad you told your story. I've got you on my Exiles page, and I click through to all the blogs there, almost every day. :-)
Carrie K. said…
Joanne, It is amazing to me how people like this can do business! My experience with them wasn't as bad as yours, but bad enough. I will add you to my Exiles blogroll at my new blog, which is here:
A. said…
What a saga! I heard about the problems indirectly when the Entrecard problems started, but I hadn't realised the full extent of what was going on.
Laura said…
I was wondering if you had decided to leave or not. That whole thing with the plagiarism was terrible - that they didn't care enough to do anything about it. Yech.

I waited for payout as well and I've left a goodbye post on my frugalton blog, but as of yet have not been locked out.

I too grew totally disgusted with what I saw going on regarding how the admin was treating the bloggers, as well as the tamping down of anyone who dared to actually voice a real opinion in the forums.
Glynis said…
How dreadful! I am glad they would not take me because I live in Cyprus, I was disappointed but now think differently. Thanks for your honesty.
lizzie said…
I left because of a number of problems including advertising placed on my blog that I didn't approve of. They also refused to pay me and ignored my requests to be paid for referrals.
Nicole said…
Hey! I used to read your blog a lot on today, so I'm really glad you are on your own! (with a template I used to use many years ago... I love this template).

I wrote a really quick review of my time at over on my other writing blog:
My Writing CornerBut the blog that replaces my blog can be found at
Ratty, thank you. I'm glad you didn't move there and I really love blogger. It's been great having my own blog.

barbkaus, you are welcome.

flit, I too thought highly of them at one time.

Sherry, thanks and once you reach that payout you can total freedom again.

betchai, I know what you mean. I wish I had started here at blogger as well. For me, the freedom is what matters. I am glad we are both here.

vanilla, yes research beforehand is the key. Thanks.

zorlone, I feel so much better and relieved to now be here. Thanks.

rainfield, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Icy, I'm sorry that happened to you and it is horrible business practice. For them it is pure greed. I'm glad to see you here now. I love your new blogs.

Phyl, the very fact that they kicked out their best bloggers totally baffles me. It makes absolutely no sense. To be honest I do not think they will last very long here in the US. As far as reposting content, I am completely in agreement with you. Since they have a w9 from us for 2009 there's nothing we can do but prior to that some of my posts will be reposted on this blog as well. I also dare them :)
Carrie, It is amazing that they can get away with all of that. Thanks so much for adding me to the blogroll and your url.

A, yes it was pretty bad. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Laura, it surprised me they did nothing to help with the plagiarism since it is their content. I'm glad you haven't yet been locked out so you can still see your stats and get paid. Not being able to voice our opinions as bloggers was really ridiculous. Thanks for commenting.
Glynis, I still don't understand why they would not accept everyone but luckily for you they did not. I hate to see this happening to anyone. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Lizzie, I have seen that recently where ads are being placed on the blogs without the bloggers knowledge. It was explained in the forums by HP saying that it was testing the ads. Not paying you for referrals is terrible. I don't think they can do that. Thanks for sharing your story here.

Nicole, I love your blog as well. I really like this template too. Thanks for your urls and I will go ahead and check them out.
RNSANE said…
Jo, I have so much enjoyed all your writings, in every forum and I am angry at anyone that could do anything to steal your efforts or create any difficulty for you....but, of course, these folks know quality and that is what they are after. Someone must be paying them for their plagiarism.
I think you are right. I'm sure they are being paid, that's why they have to steal content.
Hey Jo,

Thanks for going on the record. I was initially happy at too but quickly realized that they had their own agenda. I am happy that I meet a lot of people through them and I can carry on blogging on my own. The blogger format suits you better anyway.
Thanks Alicia I am so much enjoying using the blogger platform.
Sniffydog said…
Hey, there. Good to see you again! I simply drifted from Today, no fuss no mess, because though I dearly love a ruckus there were plenty of other people creating it. My new blog is linked on my Today page as a "sister site," which seems not to have set off alarm bells for anyone (not that they were exactly quality-patrolling the slum that is the Pets section anyway). Blogger may never make my fortune, but it's certainly lower stress than Today!

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