Philippine Coral Reef

With over 200,000 gallons of water at 25 feet deep, the Philippine coral reef exhibit at the San Francisco California Academy of Sciences is one of the largest in the world.

It houses a wide range of aquatic life to include hard corals, mangroves of the Philippines, reef sharks, stingrays and a large variety of colorful reef fish.

Below is a short video I took of this exhibit. It is dramatic and amazing to see in person.

For more detailed information visit The California Academy of Sciences website.


betchai said…
wow, thanks for featuring Jo, I did not know about this, if ever I get there someday, I will keep this in mind if I get a chance to visit the Academy of Science. I love the corals. And your video is great, so nice to see those fishes swimming around. I really wish I am under water right now :)
Christina said…
Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. You take some great photos! I really enjoyed your aquarium shots! Happy Mother's Day!
Icy BC said…
Beautiful and relaxing video to watch! I wish to visit the Academy of Science one day!
Ratty said…
This kind of thing is very relaxing but fun to watch. Our zoo has a place where you can walk under the water to view fish like this. I was only there one time, but I've always wanted to go back, especially now after reading your post. said…
Greetings from Philippines! My friend in SF told me about this and that they got an annual family pass. It must feel like scuba diving without getting wet. :)
Michelle said…
Just beautiful. I had the pleasure of snorkeling the coral reefs located in the Florida keys. It was an amazing experience for me. One I'll never forget. Thanks for stopping by.
rainfield61 said…
It must be fun and excited if someone will write the daily adventure under the water. LOL.
zorlone said…
There is a totally different world down there. I would have loved to go diving if it wasn't such an expensive hobby here.

Happy mother's day!

Davida said…
Thanks for leaving me the note, Joanne. I didn't know you stopped writing on I am not surprised. All of my favorites took the same route. I am only a semi-author there right now (writing about twice a month, it seems). Thanks for adding my button here. I'll let you know if I move the site.

BTW, your photos are absolutely beautiful!

doi said…
Nice shots! very beautiful! :-)
betchai, It's pretty cool and I hope you do get here at some point in time - you'd love it.

Christina, Your welcome and thanks for commenting.

Icy, thanks I hope you can as well.

Ratty, yes it's very relaxing and pretty cool.

wanderlass, thanks for stopping by and that is exactly how it feels :)

Michelle, That must have been quite an experience for you, how wonderful.

rainfield, LOL!

zorlone, it can be expensive. Thank you.

Thanks Davida. Yep, I'm done with them, keep in touch.

doi, Thank you for stopping by.
RNSANE said…
Spectacular video.

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