Out Of This World by Sony Holland Goes Green

Out Of This World by: Sony Holland

Going green with an eco-packaged design and new vocals produced by Van Ness Musical Productions and HeebaLibra Music this 2009 remix is better than ever. It boasts 13 tunes with 10 classic standards and 3 originals by songwriter Jerry Holland.

The cover stays true to the title and look of the CD. It is an eco-packaged design without any plastic or shrink wrap. Anything sans shrink wrap - I love. The inside cover displays the song list, composers and band members. On the inside right flap, which holds the CD, is a photo of Sony during a recording session along with a personal note autographed by her. The back cover displays each track along with another photo of Ms. Holland during one of her performances.

The songs on this CD will be familiar yet presented in a fresh unique tone. The new vocals are smooth and sensual yet powerful as is evident in the Etta James hit “At Last.” Sony’s voice matures with each and every performance and CD release. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” is the perfect example. Smooth, soft tones emanating off the lips of this fabulous singer like a rich Cabernet massaging the palate. The title track “Out Of This World” is just that and is indicative of the entire CD. “It’s An Understatement” penned, composed and arranged by Jerry Holland is lyrically a treasured testament to love. It employs a Latin sound and one of those songs that when heard, you just have to get up and dance. “In A Sentimental Mood” is simply delectable and shows the height and range of Sony’s voice. My all time favorite “Old Devil Moon” is performed with a sassy smoothness that tantalizes and beguiles. Her voice just keeps getting better and better and as a result, the CD’s - hotter and hotter!

I’ve Got You Under My SkinOut Of This World 2009 is a classic in it’s own time. For information, song clips, news and reviews go to http://www.sonyholland.com



Ratty said…
This description makes me more curious about her music. I love all kinds of music, and from the pieces I've heard here on your site, she's pretty good.
Ratty, glad you like it :)

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