Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ships Along Hyde Street Pier And San Francisco Bay

Princess Cruise ships docked at Pier 35 in San Francisco Bay.

Pier 35 docks.

View of the Balclutha and the Hyde Street Pier vessels from Aquatic Park.

The Hercules.

The Hercules.

The Eureka Ferry Boat.

Entrance to the Eureka Ferry Boat at Hyde Street Pier.


violetteb said...

For a girl who can't swim, I still love the water and ships. Beautiful! Thanks for visiting Penned in Vain

betchai said...

oh, love the ship pictures, the harbor is really beautiful. I especially love the first picture of the ship in Pier 35.

Icy BC said...

Beautiful pictures of the ship and boats! They look so inviting for an adventure.

rainfield61 said...

These place must be very busy day in day out.

Your ferry looks different from what I am having in Penang.

vanilla7 said...

Beautiful! I love the first picture, it looks so calm.

Ratty said...

I could just imagine exploring every one of those boats and ships. I'd be afraid on the very smallest boats, but any of those big enough to have fun hidden places are for me.

Mohammed faris pk said...

thanks for visiting me and commenting

keep in touch

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Violette, it's fun just visiting this spot. I'm out there all the time. I think it's called obsessed? :-)

betchai, I love ships and the ocean as well. There's just something so freeing about it all.

Icy, thanks so much.

rainfield, it's always busy especially during this time of year.

vanilla, thank you, I also love the serene nature of the harbor.

Ratty, They are fun to explore. I'll have to do that again to give you all a closer look.

Mohammed, you are welcome and ditto.

RNSANE said...

It has been such fun, boarding a cruise ship and sailing from San Francico, under the Golden Gate Bridge. Likewise, sailing into San Francisco and seeing the city and all the sailboats and familiar sights before me. You've captured many of them.

mxky said...

That's the Place they used to shot the CBS TV Show "Nash Bridges" With Don Johnson. This boat was used from the season 2 to be the SFPD Headquarters. 1rst floor I guess :)