The Balclutha At Hyde Street Pier In San Francisco

At over three hundred feet in length and one hundred and forty five feet in height, the Balclutha is a major attraction housed at the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco. It has just returned home from a Winter’s dry dock.

Launched in Glasgow, Scotland in 1886 this square rigged cargo ship was built to carry everything from grain to fish to lumber and much more worldwide. Over two dozen seafaring crew members are needed to handle the ship while on a voyage.

It is housed along with other seafaring vessels at Hyde Street Pier right off of Aquatic Park . Before the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, the Hyde Street pier was the main ferry terminal between San Francisco and Marin. It is now a part of the San Francisco Maritime Park Association. The pier is open to the public and offers tours of their ships. There is an annual Hyde Street Pier festival for tourists and locals alike.

Touring the ships is not only a learning experience but an enjoyable one as well. If you love ships and sailing, this is the attraction for you. I’ve toured the ships many times and I never get tired of visiting. While visiting there last week I went a little camera crazy. So, I will have more photos throughout the week. Enjoy!


barbkaus said…
Wow, I'd love to see that in person. Barbara (MySp)
rainfield61 said…
What a feeling sailing along with the ship.
It make me going back to the time when I was in a ship at HaLong Bay, Vietnam.
Ratty said…
I'm not crazy about sailing because I'm a terrible swimmer, and I'm afraid if drowning. Even so, a tour of a ship like that one would be one of the highlights of a lifetime for me. The closest thing I've done is explore an old riverboat that was turned into a museum. That was a wonderful experience.
betchai said…
i can understand the feeling of being picture crazy Jo. i love photographing ships too, and love harbors.
jakill said…
More great photos. Information too, and thought provoking. Reminds me of visiting the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London. There are other places here that offer tours of historic ships as well. Bristol and Portsmouth come to mind.
Anonymous said…
Wow...Your pictures are amazing! It must be great to tour the ship.
Beautiful, Joanne! I only wish that I had been reading your blog before my trip to SF in 2001. I'd have found so many more things to visit.

Glynis said…
beautiful vessel, magnificent! Great photo's, keep being camera crazy and sharing :)
barbkaus, It is amazing to see.

rainfiled, I would love to visit Vietnam someday.

Ratty, that must have been fun to see.

betchai, I know, I'm obsessed.

jakill, how cool you visited the Cutty Sark, I would love that.

Icy, it was fun for sure.

Michelle, lol, you'll have to come back.

Glynis, Thank you for stopping by.
RNSANE said…
There are other such ships on display in different parts of the world and it is such a thrill to go on board and imagine what it is like to sail on them. Of course, I cruise on ships of all sizes but, there is nothing like seeing sails unfurled, on a masted ship, for true beauty.
Anonymous said…
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