The DeYoung Museum

The Mantra

Let us give birth to your carvings
and redesign your gothic symmetry,
let us resurface sacrificial grounds
with tender strokes and brushed etchings.

Silent as a tear
statuesque deities
blessed by
monastic chants
and ancient rituals
pervade dark halls
the triumphant centurions.
Abstract meanderings
the Poe de’artique
peacefully coexist
with aboriginal mediums.

Our ancestry we salute,
on the river Nile, through
ancient Mayan ruins to the
glory that was Rome.
A celebration of culture
that is us, ours, we together
as one family - our city
embracing the diversity.


zorlone said…
Wow! Powerful words.
"Let us give birth to your carvings"
I love this line! for me, birth is creation and the carvings is the toil that one had to endure to make such creation.

This poem should be posted at the entrance of the museum. (wink)

betchai said…
Jo, I know I have said this many times, but again, I am awed with your natural talent at poetry. I really love this poem, so rich, so inspiring.
Anonymous said…
There is history in this poem, and an inspiring thought to accept different cultures as well..I like it!
Bikran said…
wish i could play with words like you .. awesome !
Z, lol! I wish they would post it there, or somewhere :)

betchai, you are too kind. Thank you.

Icy, you have captured the essence of this poem. Thanks,

Bikran, Thank you.
Glynis said…
Wonderful tribute poem!
Webbielady said…

You remind me of history there and you paint images in my head with this poem. I read so much books by Paul Doherty that's why. I read much about Egypt and Rome but not tried Mayan related fiction/novels by him yet. I saw Greek and Persian but was not able to finish reading it.
Glynis, Thank you.

Webbielady, yes I enjoy the history of museums. Thank you.

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