Living Green Rooftop At The California Academy Of Sciences

Measuring in at around 200,000 square feet, the rooftop at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco houses the densest population of native wildflowers and plant species in the city. The skylights above the larger domes as you can see in the photo open and close throughout the day to allow sunlight to reach the exhibits below.

The living rooftop with it's seven hills and slopes is designed with the patented Bio Tray. There are 50,000 of these porous biodegradable trays which encompass the entire roof and are made of coconut husks and tree sap and are used as containers for the vegetation. These containers allow the roots to interlock and fit together likes pieces to a puzzle.

The green rooftop keeps the interior of the building about ten degrees cooler than a standard rooftop. The plants and vegetation also transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, capture rainwater and reduce energy needs for cooling and heating. The weather stations on the roof monitor the wind, rain and temperature for the automated ventilation system.

Known as the world's "greenest museum" I thoroughly enjoyed the living rooftop. This is a must see when you visit the museum. For more information visit the Living Rooftop page on the Academy of Sciences website.


betchai said…
i have never been to Living Green Rooftop Jo, thanks for sharing. It looks very interesting, thanks for giving us more info and the link. Also, nice to see you in the picture. The aerial picture in the link really is awesome, we can really appreciate the bright minds who had thought about it.
barbkaus said…
Next time I'm up that way I'll be sure to find this place. It looks really fascinating. Barbara (MSp)
barbkaus said…
Not sure if my comment posted, but I'll be sure to find this place next time I'm up that way. Thanks so much for sharing it. Barbara (MySp)
Anonymous said…
That is just wonderful to see the dome shape, and all the skylight windows..They look strange!

Good to see you (in picture)!
Michelle said…
Wow, this is amazing. This is what our future will look like. Thanks for all the interesting info.
Jena Isle said…
Hi Joanne,

What struck me was not the background but the lady in the photograph...(winks). You're lovely. The place is also amazing. I'm imagining myself living in such rejuvenating surroundings. Green always depicts life and freshness for me. I love the color green.

And the truth is ,. there's a scientific explanation as to why it portrays life- plants produce oxygen which we breathe in order to live. Thanks for an informative post.
rainfield61 said…
Sometimes I wonder how much technology and innovation have involoved in our lives. We spoil Nature in one way but try tp recover in the other way.
Ratty said…
I'm fascinated with things like this. It would be fun to get a close look at how all of it works. My mother told me she used to live in a house that was built in the side of a hill. They are common where she comes from. From what she said, and from what you describe here, it would be a great idea for a place to live.
earthtoholly said…
This is very cool and I'm sorry that I missed it on my one and only trip to San Francisco a few years ago. I must see it when I return. Thank you for all of this information! :o)
betchai, it is really amazing to see and I would love to see the aerial version sometime in the future.

barbkaus, sounds good. Let me know when you're here.

Icy, they do look a little strange, almost like dozens of port holes.

Michelle, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Jenna, You are too kind. I tried to photoshop myself out of the picture but it didn't work :)

rainfield, that is an excellent point. I never thought of it that way.

Ratty, it wuld be pretty cool to live in a spot like that. I'd be on the roof the whole time :)

earthtoholly, You are welcome and thanks for commenting.
Betsy Bargain said…
I used to live in San Francisco, and spent many happy days at the Academy of Sciences. I can't wait to visit and check out the new improved version! Thanks for the info and great photos.
RNSANE said…
I must see this place. It looks so interesting!

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