The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the Ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix for ever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single;
All things by a law divine
in one spirit meet and mingle.
Why not I with thine?-

Percy Bysshe Shelley (17892 - 1822)

Ah passion. We eat it, sleep it and drink it. Every thought we have includes a morsel of passion. When we are in love more than any other time do we feel this sense of ecstasy and bliss. It is the commingling of hearts and minds that produce these feelings. If only we could feel that bliss every moment of every day.

The fact is we can. Passion resides not only between two lovers but between ourselves and the world around us. Feeling sheer passion is allowing your heart and mind to be open and free in order to experience your own unique creative talents. When you are doing what you love to do just as when you are in love it seems that the world stands still and you are focused on that one activity.

I know I feel that passion when I am writing or listening to music. It’s what gets the juices flowing that your passion is born from within. I’ve seen it and I’ve felt it so I know it can be done.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. When you feel passionate about someone or something, show it. Allow yourself to bask in the passion you feel.

2. Keep a journal. Write about your passions whether it be music, art or simply working in your garden, jot down your thoughts and how you feel while experiencing your passion.

3. Tell those you love how you feel about them. We sometimes either forget or don’t do this for fear of rejection or feeling silly. Don’t allow your inner critic which comes from your ego to stop you from showing love.

4. Read poetry. Even if you’ve never read poetry or don’t even like poetry, read the romantics and try to equate your feelings with that of the poet. Or, read a romance novel - that will certainly get the juices flowing.


Amy said…
Hi, thank you for the visit.. very much appreciated! have a nice weekend.
Laura said…
Great post! I especially agree about your third point, sharing how you feel about others with them. My family has always made it a point to tell each other that we love each other at the end of every phone call, or at the end of every visit. You just never know when is the last time you're going to see someone, so isn't it good to know that the last words you have with someone you love will be telling them that you love them? :)
A. said…
I love this whole idea. I was walking down by the river today and was overcome by what I now recognise as a feeling of passion. The thing is to find a way to express it. Great post (as they say)!
BC Doan said…
What an inspiring post, Jo!

I love the point you're making about: " Passion resides not only between two lovers but between ourselves and the world around us." This is so true, and I can testify to this statement!
Ratty said…
Very good advice. Maintaining my writing passion is something that's been on my the last few days. It's been rainy here and that sometimes makes things difficult when you write about nature. Learning to let out and show that passion can help very much.
betchai said…
another great writing Jo, a very thoughtful reminder to everyone. and i love the poem you shared. You are so correct, we feel the passion between ourselves and the world around us.
Amy, thank you as well.

Laura, excellent point. I always tell the people I care about how I feel about them. It's very important. Thanks for reading and commenting.

A., I'm glad you had that experience.

Icy, I know because I see it in your writing :)

Ratty, very true. Thanks.

betchai, It's all about recognizing it. Thanks my friend
rainfield61 said…
Passion. I have this passion to read and to write, and to fully agree with all the comments.

I like the poet.The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the Ocean......
katherine said…
Great suggestions for me..You are the best Jo..

Shelley is a great example of the passionate poet and this is a wonderful piece.

Passion is technically an endorphin rush that we receive when we are in the state of being "in love", that constant state of joy.

I love how you have compared that rush to the passion that we evoke in the joy of our surroundings in every day life. It's the same rush, just usually less of it. If we could only bottle it and save it for when we most need it... hrmmm?

vanillaseven said…
excellent point :) yes! I do read poetry too :)
Mountain Woman said…
Beautiful post. Yes, passion is an important and necessary aspect of a full life. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions too.
rainfield, I love that poem as well. Thanks.

Katherine, Thank you so much my friend.

Michelle, What a great idea. I wish there were a way to bottle it - we could make millions :)

vanilla, :) Thank you.

Mountain Woman, You are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

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