Moon Jellyfish At The California Academy Of Sciences

While perusing the exhibits at the California Academy of Sciences, I became completely fascinated by the Moon Jellyfish aka Moon Jelly. Watching these creatures drift around had me mesmerized. There are several different species of Moon Jelly which are impossible to identify without genetic testing. They are translucent and are very limited in motion. They basically drift within the oceans and are found all over the world close to shores and harbors.

Moon Jellyfish are without a respiratory system and therefore breathe by diffusing oxygen from the waters around them through very thin membranes. They hunt their prey by stinging them with tentacles and dine on crustaceans, mollusks and eggs from fish. Moon Jellyfish are eaten by sea turtles, some bird species and other fish. Humans of the Southeast Asia region all enjoy them.

I enjoyed just watching them and I hope you enjoy the short video clip I took of the exhibit.


BC Doan said…
It is relaxing to watch the moon jellyfish just floating!
Glynis said…
How lovely, soothing. I have not seen these before.
Icy, Isn't it though it was hypnotizing to watch them.

Glynis, They were one of my favorites.
RNSANE said…
These are lovely creatures. I might just have to go and see them in person!

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