Ghirardelli Square Wine Festival - Sights and Sounds

The Ghirardelli Square Annual Wine Festival "Uncorked" was in full swing when we arrived. There were wine tasting booths along Beach Street from Larkin to Polk and above throughout the square plaza. Cooking demonstrations from local restaurants were at hand displaying their epicurean expertise. Live entertainment could be found along Beach Street and the plaza. I was thrilled to see Pamela Rose performing. She is a San Francisco favorite and wonderful jazz singer. I was also blissfully pleased to see some of my favorite wineries including the Martin Ray wineries of Santa Rosa. Cellar 360 as shown above is that type of venue where you just want to grab some wine and cheese and hang out on the plaza all day long. I love it there - any job openings? Seriously though it is the place for wine on the square. Wattle Creek also has some tasty delights waiting for you. We spent many hours at this festival and loved every moment. Thanks to Lindsay Maxon for this local favorite each year. Below are some sights and sounds you may enjoy.

Along Beach Street

Live Entertainment


betchai said…
glad for you are having really a great fun time, live music, the atmosphere, and the interesting activities, i would have loved to witness such event and enjoy the cooking demonstrations and tasting too :) while enjoying the live jazz, such is good life.
BC Doan said…
Sounds so wonderful and fun! Great pictures, Jo!
Ratty said…
It must be great fun. I wish we had more things like that here. There is an old winery just down the road from me. It's actually a historical monument now. It was a museum for awhile, but now it's closed.
Lucy Lopez said…
There's a fair happening where I live next weekend. I'm wondering if I should take my camera with me... :-)
jakill said…
You do have some lovely times in your life. Thanks for sharing.
rainfield61 said…
That is fun. Your first picture with a girl having some wine while she was walking looks so relaxing.
betchai, thanks it was so relaxing and fun. And we had great weather that day too.

Icy, thanks so much.

Ratty, I sometimes take SF for granted living here all my life but I love living here.

Lucy, You should definitely take the camera and I can't wait to see your post :)

jakill, I try :-)

rainfield, it was very relaxing and fun.
RNSANE said…
I really hated having to miss this event...ALL THAT WINE and such a beautiful day!

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