Wordless Wednesday - Fisherman's Wharf Sights

Artisan baker creations in the windows of Boudin's Sourdough Bakery.

More boat photos.

The welcome to Fisherman's Wharf sign at the heart of the wharf on the corner of Jefferson and Taylor Street.

Stephen Dreyfuss, veteran street performer who's tip jar gets bigger and bigger each day :)

Horse drawn carriage rides for tourists.


Icy BC said…
Wow...Wonderful pictures, and so lively, Jo!
Kawaii said…
nice photos , i like the fish bread, the baker had a good idea of creating a sea creatures bread.
Glynis said…
That was a lovely trip out, thanks :)
betchai said…
wow, action filled sights Jo. I love the line of boats, somehow, I love looking at them and it has that effect of bringing calmness. those breads are very interesting.
barbkaus said…
I always love the sights of San Francisco. Thanks for sharing these. Barbara (MySp)
Ratty said…
All excellent pictures. I like the one from the bakery the most.
Anna said…
Oh wow I love the first photo, sounds a bit scary but tasty. Anna :)
vanilla said…
Like Ratty, I like the bakery best, the bread are awesome! :)
katherine said…
haha i like the fish bread. it looks yummy..
Las Vegas Baby said…
mmmmm...crab bread. LOL

Only problem is I'd what to keep it, not eat it.

Awesome pics!
Thanks Icy

Kawaii, the bakers are very talented artisans.

Glynis, you are welcome

betchai, I love the boats too. I'm always snapping shots of boats. Like you they calm me.

barb, you are welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Ratty, they bake and design the breads in front of the window for tourists. It's pretty cool to watch.

Anna, lol, they are very tasty.

vanilla, they are delicious and smell fantastic.

katherine, they are yummy and not fishy :)

Las Vegas Baby, I know I'd want to keep them too.
AVCr8teur said…
I love Fisherman's Wharf and the crab sandwiches. It's not only for tourists, but for natives too.
Hi Karen, I couldn't have said it better myself.
Anonymous said…
Jo, I want to see more. I love traveling with you!
Great shots, yes, wish I was there. :)
Chey, you can always travel through my eyes :)
RNSANE said…
Fisherman's Wharf is such a wonderful place, for tourists and locals, alike. I can remember my first visit when I was 18 and going to nursing school in LA - now, at 64, it is still one of my favorite spots, especially early in the morning when it isn't crowded - same with Chinatown and the North Beach area.

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