Poet & Songwriter Paula Hackett

Paula Hackett
is a poet/artist in a class by herself. She has mastered the art of contemporary poetry with a hint of jazz and soulful prose. The daughter of novelist Paul Hackett, Paula grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60's. Her poetry exemplifies the history and experiences of that era with injections of humor, inspiration, melancholy and thought provoking metaphor that will have you captivated and yearning for more. Her imagery laden stanzas combined with her soothing voice and accompanied by master jazz pianist, Rudy Wongozi set the tone for a profound journey through literary excellence in both spoken word and jazz music. The words and music meld together effortlessly like hand to glove.

Billy Holliday
(a lullaby)

Sometimes when nature is quiet
and the moon shines just where you are
I can hear you singing the spirit world to rest
I remember as a child your voice would wrap me in cotton
as you felt the blows for all of us
Born into a country that tried to
make your voice illegal
poise and elegance was your response
And tonight like so many
nights as I wait for morning
I know I can count on
the voice of Billy Holiday

Paula Hackett and her brother John Hackett form the brother and sister writing team who have written lyrics for some of the most well known jazz artists in the business to include the CD "LA After midnight" by Diane Witherspoon. You can click here for more information.

I met Paula a few years ago at a concert at Yoshi's where our friend Sony Holland was performing. I knew she was a poet and songwriter yet I had not seen or heard any of her poetry until I received her latest poetry CD titled Roulette. As a poet myself I have always envied anyone who could recite poetry in front of an audience. As a result I look to Paula as a mentor in this specific area. The CD houses 27 poems accompanied by Rudy Wongozi on piano. I cannot tell you how many times I have turned to this CD for inspiration. Paula has the most soothing voice I have ever heard. She could very well practice hypnotism as a second career. The CD deals with her personal experiences through love, laughter, mourning and contemplation. Her work sees the light at the end of the tunnel and always sets the tone for a fascinating story. Below is a sound clip from one of my favorites.

Sound Clip - Morphine on the Beach

Visit her website at http://www.paulahackett.com for more sound clips.

Paula performs her poetry in various locations around the Bay Area. Below is a listing of some upcoming readings. Set your calendars, as these are "not to be missed" performances.
June 28 the @ Chez Hanny : w/New York based Pianist Connie Crothers. Paula will read in the second set. Show starts @ 4pm, doors open @ 3:30.
Monday, July 6 (7pm) - Bird & Beckett Books, located on 653 Chenery Street 415 586-3733: Paula will join the renowned poet, author & musician David Meltzer for this reading.
The Gallery-- Monday August 3: 7--8:30. Hosted by Kit Kennedy
1200 Mason and Washington.
For detailed information on Paula and the Paula and John Hackett writing team, please check out her website here. Enjoy!!!


Icy BC said…
This is great information to know. I'll visit her website to hear more!
I think you'll enjoy it Icy.

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