Dark Summer

Dark Summer

My senses numb
as blistering rays
seep through my skin
cold as ice
stinging my heart.

In limbo I reside
where tears
are my comfort
releasing the pain
like brilliant stars

lighting the darkness.


rainfield61 said…
It is summer, it is sort of weather in Malaysia.
Jena Isle said…
This is an awesome work of art. I like the verses.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful words, Jo! You didn't have to say much, but I can feel it..
rainfield, really is it just during Summer or all year long?

Jena, Thank you very much.

Icy, Aw, thank you.
Ratty said…
Good poem. I pictured a cartoon of someone crying in all directions, and the tears reflecting the surrounding light.
Ratty, You have an incredible imagination :)
bessye said…

I pictured more of a reflection on moments missed. Maybe even on hurts that were wronged, but whomever chose to correct them their way.
Very nice work, well written!

Bessye, you are very insightful. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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