Motorized Cable Car Tours

Winding it’s way through the streets of San Francisco en-route to the city’s hot attractions, this rolling landmark is yet another way of getting around the steep hills and curved streets.

The motorized cable cars are original cable cars which have been set on wheels. This ingenious creation makes it possible for tourists to discover all the hot spots in which regular cable cars cannot visit. The motorized vehicles visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Union Square and North Beach just to name a few. It is a 2 1/2 hour ride and frequent stops are made at each spot including Pier 39 which is shown in the above photo.

The first departure is at 10:00 am and although it costs more than your average cable car ride, you do have a driver/tour guide who will give you historical details on each stop.

For more information visit the Gray Line Motorized Cable Car page.


Icy BC said…
I have seen the motorized cable cars when I was there, but didn't have a chance to be on one. It looks like an interesting ride to take and enjoy the city.. I wouldn't like to drive on those steep hill of streets! Too scary!
rainfield61 said…
I am gathering pieces of information on San Francisco. If there is a day.....
Ratty said…
Those cable cars are legendary. My city copied them for a while when I was a kid. They could only use them in the warmer months, and they eventually stopped using them. It used to be fun riding them.
betchai said…
like Icy, I never got the change to ride the cable car, I wanted to since it seems fun, all I did was have my picture taken with the cable car :) I love walking on SF streets it feels like hiking to me in some streets where it really goes steep.
Icy, those steep hills even scare me :)

rainfield, it there is a day you let me know.

Ratty, they can be fun and are a big hit with tourists. For locals like me, we just ride the buses :)

betchai, It is a hike walking some of these streets but I love walking around the city. Hopefully you'll get to ride a cable car one of these days.
AVCr8teur said…
I have not been on a cable car in ages. I remember it being bumpy and noisy. The best part was going around corners.
Karen, same here. I live here and I think it's been at least 20 something years since I've been on one.
RNSANE said…
This looks like a fun thing to do...maybe I should take my New Orleans friends on a jaunt via this cable car that can leave the tracks!! With Sony singing on my IPOD!
Carmen, this is a great way of getting to all the sights and attractions without the regular cable car. It hits destinations the regular cable cars cannot get to on those tracks. Plus there is a guided tour. I tried so hard to get Sony a gig on one of these with her singing On A SF High while riding around the city but the company wouldn't allow it for liability reasons. Anyway, this might be a fun thing to do.

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