Swoops - The Dive Bomb Bird

Photo courtesy of Attack Bird Chronicles

This is one of those "Only in San Francisco" pieces. For a few weeks now this not so amused bird in the photo above has been dive bombing pedestrians on California and Front streets in the financial district of San Francisco. That particular area is heavily occupied by workers especially during the lunch hour.

"Swoops" as he has been named has become quite the phenomenon not just in San Francisco but all over the world. His story has been told in China, Switzerland and across the United States. He basically is doing his job as a father. He is protecting his nest in that area. Anyone who walks by is seen as a threat by him and he naturally attacks as any father would in that same situation. You ask, how do I know he is a he? Well the Audubon Society has been called in on the situation and according to their expertise in that area, they have deciphered Swoops to be a male.

This feisty little guy has drawn quite the crowds and media attention. He is all over the local news, airwaves and newspapers. Dozens and dozens of people gather on the street each day to capture the dive bomb escapades. Most who attend the "attack shows" find it humorous yet there are people who wonder what all the fuss is about.

The local pigeon population has their feathers in an uproar and have been very disheartened by this phenom. Why? You ask, well because of swoops they have temporarily lost their territory and have to perch above Swoops on a landing of which they are not familiar. After all the pigeons have been there for quite sometime with their nests as well and they have been totally ignored - I feel their pain.

I know that right about now you are chuckling at this story however this story is very true. I personally feel sorry for Swoops as he is just protecting his family and probably does not like all this media attention though he has not yet been interviewed. I have not as yet been down to the scene to photograph or videotape our latest celebrity and probably will not because personally I do not like going to the financial district unless I absolutely have to be there for some odd reason. As a result, I direct you to the Attack Bird Chronicles blog which by the way receives over ten thousand hits a day. This blog is being maintained by a staff writer for the Chronicle and is as the name implies. It chronicles the day to day activities of Swoop, our local hero and attack bird extraordinaire.

I'd like to wish Swoops and his family well. I'd also like to thank him for putting a smile on my face each day. I'd also like to suggest that people working in the financial district start wearing hats in order to prevent any "swoop and poop" mishaps.


RNSANE said…
I would not especially care to be attacked by Swoops or pooped upon by Swoops or any of the other feathered inhabitants of the financial district! I do think it is a hysterical story. Perhaps Swoops is picking out only certain unsavory, unkind types on which to practice his dive bombing tactics. I'm surprised the city hasn't hired a hawk to make short order of Swoops. The mayor should steer clear of the area as I'm sure some disgruntled city employees would love to see Swoops give the elite of city hall a swoop or two.
Icy BC said…
That was not so nice of the Swoops, but as you said, he is just doing his job as a protective father!
Nice post, come by my blog and grab the video. http://z-stream.blogspot.com/2009/06/attacked-by-dive-bombing-bird.html
rainfield61 said…
This is another story on the consequences of human who has threathen the territories of other creatures.
betchai said…
you also put a smile on my face and a laughter on my day with your post Jo, and the above link was funny, or let me say hilarious :)
Ratty said…
This is a great story of an overprotective father. Just the thought of the bird attacking is kind of funny. I hope no harm comes to anyone or anything involved, especially Swoops the angry attack bird.
Angel said…
Awww, what a great story. This post brought a smile to my face. That photograph is hilarious. Swoops definitely has some spunk and personality. Thanks for sharing his story:)
jakill said…
This poor little guy is going to be so exhausted by the time his chicks are independent. It'll be even worse for him when they're fledged and all over the place.
Carmen, LOL! You are hysterical !!!

Icy, it's the only way he knows how to protect.

Derrick, love the video :)

rainfield, well said.

betchai, :-)

Ratty, there haven't been any injuries thank God and none to Swoops either.

Angel, that's what I love about Swoops - he's the bad boy of birds and we all love the bad boys :)

jakill, so true.

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