Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Square is famous for their chocolate and rightly so. I am a chocolate connoisseur and believe me when I say Ghirardelli is one of the premier chocolate producers in the world.

The Ghirardelli Square complex hosts two chocolate shops. As you enter the main gate on Larkin street the chocolate shop eatery and store are located immediately to the left of the plaza. The other as pictured above is located on the West Plaza. This shop is my favorite haunt. There are a few table and chair vignettes where you can sit, relax and enjoy some chocolate decadence or you can grab your treats and enjoy them at home. I like this little shop much better because it is not as crowded and actually has more of a variety.

One thing I love doing while there especially on a cold and foggy day, is buying a hot chocolate, which by the way are the best in the city, then buying a little chocolate square and letting the square melt in the hot chocolate. It doesn’t matter what flavor you buy but it is absolutely heaven. You can even buy white chocolate hot chocolates which are equally delectable.

As I mentioned Ghirardelli chocolate is popular all over the world. I even found it in Hong Kong while I was there. You can find their chocolate in various sweet shops and even in some stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid. If you are in the area however experience it first hand by visiting the square. If you want to buy online you can do that as well by going to the Ghirardelli Square website.


Danielle Pierre said…
mmmmmmmm.... chocolate. You're killing me Jo. lol

Great article!
Anonymous said…
It's so nice of you to share that cup of hot chocolate, and chocolate squares! How sweet! :-)
rainfield61 said…
I always keep chocolate in my fridge. Cannot resist a bite a day.
RNSANE said…
I like chocolate, especially, dark but MARZIPAN is my all time chocolate covered marzipan, that puts me into the twilight zone. I do love that Ghirardelli Square Shop, especially when it is NOT brimming with tourists ( rare ) and I can pretend it is just there for me. Can you imagine being a member of that family? How could one stay slim?
betchai said…
oh, hot chocolate! my favorite drink, especially on a cold day. like rainfield, i actually do not run out of chocolates. i just have to have them in case of emergency craving :) but these days, i manage to ctrol myself and just have a bite when i crave for it.
Ratty said…
I love to freeze chocolate and eat it that way. Chocolate chips in ice cream is one of my favorites. White chocolate is my absolute favorite though.
AVCr8teur said…
I haven't been to Ghirardelli Square in years. Chocolate hot or cold is delicious! I'll be sure to look for you if I ever happen to go by the store. :P
Laura said…
Every time I go to San Francisco, I absolutely can not leave without a visit to Ghirardelli's Chocolate shop. :D Usually I've gotten the hot chocolate, but the last time I was there, I got one of their sundaes. Heavenly!
lina said…
Wow! I'd love to be in the shop, it's like being in a chocolate heaven. :D

Love chocolates and can never resist one.
Stacie said…
Wow the shop looks beautiful. I love Ghirardelli's chocolate!
I am like the original chocoholic. Although I don't eat it much anymore, I was quoted as a manager for elling my new employees, "By the way, chocolate is ALWAYS welcome at MY desk.."

Ghirardelli is my favorite and although it's pricey, here in Portland we have Ghirardelli in basically every store you might shop in.

Yummy and _way_ too tempting!

Great post, Joanne!

A. said…
Melting chocolate... mmm, I'm melting at the thought....
Dani, LOL!!!

Anytime Icy :)

rainfield, yo definitely have the right idea.

Carmen, I've met a few members of that family and they're all thin - go figure.

betchai, LOL for emergencies, I love that :)

Ratty, I love white chocolate as well and that's a good idea. Thanks

AVC, you'll probably see me there too :)

Laura, Ah, their sundaes are to die for!

lina, I am the same. I could resist anything but chocolate.

Stacie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Michelle, LOL the art of subtle begging - cute and thanks for stopping by.

A, Ahhhhhhh!

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