Wordless Wednesday - Academy Of Sciences


lizzie said…
Great pics! Now I'm a marine biologist!
betchai said…
oh, thanks for sharing your video Jo, really makes me want to get a videocam also :) i love your video and of course the picture.
RNSANE said…
Nice, as always, Jo....reminds me of a hotel I often stay at in Honolulu, I think it's the Pacific Beach - one of the restaurants has a HUGE aquarium and you sit there and eat and watch these wonderful fish and sting rays, etc - and it's fun when the swimmers come in to feed the fish!
Ratty said…
Good stuff. I love watching fish. I need to go to an aquarium.
Icy BC said…
What a beautiful shot, Jo! I love the short videos also..
vhingF said…
this is my one dream to have pictures on largest aquaruim...

Nice pictures too.

THANKS you drop by on my photo album
Some people afraid to un-popular ocean deep creatures , so much better to warn viewers.
Bikran said…
lovely fishes ... This is really wonderful..
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,

You see, we continue to have a lot in common! I love aquariums. Zoos and aquariums. I'm fascinated with it all.

lizzie, LOL!!!

betchai, I would LOVE to see video of your hikes.

Carmen, they are hypnotizing to watch.

Ratty, either that or go to the aquarium

Icy, thank you and as always for being so loyal.

vhingF, thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting.

Bikran, Thank you.

Bessye, we do have much in common. I love visiting all these places.

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