The Golden Gate Rose Society

The Golden Gate Rose Society here in San Francisco is comprised of rose enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the bay area who dedicate themselves to teaching and preserving the fine art of rose care and display. They produce free monthly showings around the bay area which consist of planting roses, classes on how to choose roses, caring for roses and creating unique displays. I attended the show yesterday at the county fair building on 9th and Lincoln located adjacent to the botanical gardens. There were not many people there though the flower displays were beautiful. So, I thought I'd share a few of them with you. Of course being right next to the Botanical Gardens I had to spend some time there as well. I will bring those photos to you tomorrow. Enjoy!


RNSANE said…
Lovely pictures, Jo, but, so far, the most magnificent display of roses I've seen, thus far in the world is at Buchart Gardens, near Victoria, British Columbia. It is an amazing places at any time of years for all their flowal extravaganzas but, especially so, in June when the roses are center stage!
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,

Nice pictures. Roses are my favorite. And roses are the perfect subject to catch their essences
in photography. Very nice!

Oh, Joanne, those are stunning. I love roses, but around here, they're deer food. Not worth the trouble, you know?
Icy BC said…
Beautiful photos of roses! I love to smell them also.
Carmen, I definitely have to get to Buchart Gardens. I saw a travel show about Victoria and I really want to go there.

bessye, thank you.

Susan, lol, thanks for stopping by.
Icy, I wish there were a way I could post the scents. Someone should come up with an application for that :)
Bikran said…
beautiful roses .. they are one of my favorites. well i could already smell them :)
Bikran, LOL!!! I can too :)
jakill said…
Roses are so lovely. I'm about to move house and I will regret leaving the lovely roses in my garden I do have a lush deep red one in a pot that will be going with me though.
jakill, it's great that you are able to bring some of your garden with you. Thanks for stopping by.
Rose Mystic said…
Awwww you've got some seriously gorgeous roses there! Wish I could have been there too. I love the first photo - the different shades. I could almost smell the fragrance of Attar!

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