A Tribute to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Referred to as the "King of Pop" this larger than life star I remember as a teenager while watching him and his Brothers, The Jackson Five perform on television. I connected to the music and had to have their ABC album - in vinyl. I listed to that album everyday and drove my parents crazy though my Mom always liked Michael and his music as well.

ABC, I'll Be There, Rock With You, Human Nature, Billie Jean, Thriller and the list goes on an on. They were just a few of my favorites. I always so much admired the creative talent Michael had living within his soul. He once said " the lyrics just came to me" and the music followed. He was a true genius and as many geniuses had to bare the criticism and judgment of others. Rumors constantly swirled around the pop star and remember that these were all just rumors and nothing more.

Being such a megastar he obviously found it very difficult to lead a regular lifestyle. He could not just walk down the street, go to a store or to a park without being attacked by paparazzi and fans. Stardom has it's downside. In my mind and my heart I know there will never be another musical phenomenon like Michael Jackson. There have been and always be in my estimation only a handful that have been able to enrich the world with their music and creative talents. Michael is at the top of that list.

Click here to listen to and see one of my favorite videos and song "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson.


In my opinion Farrah Fawcett was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. With those golden locks and golden smile Farrah was rightly dubbed the "blonde bombshell" of the 70's. Who could forget the poster that launched her into the stratosphere with millions and millions of copies sold.

She was the epitome of the "girl next door" beauty whom every man wanted and every woman wanted to be. She was best known for her role in Charlie's Angels yet was a phenomenal actress of which I realized when I saw the movie "The Burning Bed." I was blown away by her performance and knew then that she was a serious actress who could rival anyone in Hollywood.

The most important role of her life was played out in the media. Her battle with cancer was hard fought and difficult. She lived her life the way she wanted, with gusto and pride. She was courageous, determined and confident. It is hard enough to battle this relentless disease but to battle with the whole word watching in order to help others is the most selfless and loving gift anyone can give. She was a true beauty inside and out - through to the end.

Click here for a video with Farrah and Barbara Walters.

One death expected and one unexpected yet both immeasurably tragic. They both were icons who were known and loved worldwide. I am deeply saddened by these losses and want to say that my heart and love goes out to their families, friends and fans.

Goodnight Farrah and Michael - Rest in peace.


rainfield61 said…
I did not get any news about the death of Farrah Fawcett, a beautiful Charlie's Angle, when a TV was still in black and white.

Goodbye to both of them.
barbkaus said…
Certainly a sad time. (Barbara MySp)
Ratty said…
Both deaths are very upsetting. Michael Jackson's was such a shocking thing to happen. And Farrah Faucet's has been such a sad story. No one should have to have the knowledge that they're dying of cancer.
Danielle Pierre said…
Like most, I'm in shock over Michael's death, and heartbroken over the loss of both. There is comfort in knowing they are both at peace now.

Thank you for this Jo.
Icy BC said…
We lost power after the storm, right after I heard the news about Farrah Fawcette, and Micheal Jackson..It's so sad!

Great tribute, Jo!
Daisy said…
What a beautiful tribute for Two great icons in the pop culture...

Btw, thanks for the warm thoughts you left on my blog! I am thankful for life and friends like you!
jenna123 said…
It was comforting to read your comment to my blog post. My eyes still fill up with tears whenever I read some ‘touching’ article about MJ. I cannot help myself. My heart feels a bit empty right now….like something is ‘missing’.

I wrote that blog post in the wee hours of the morning. It just poured out from my heart.

May God Bless His Soul and May He Rest In Peace!
jenna123 said…
I remember watching Charlie 's Angels on TV. It was one of my favorite programmes.Being a female myself, I was very much taken in by Charlie and his angels.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.
RNSANE said…
Somehow, I missed this, Jo...what a touching and special memorial you did. It is a treasure as both Michael and Farrah were.
bessye said…
Hi Joanne,

This was a nice memorial.

Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your thoughts and wishes for Farrah and Michael. I appreciate all of you reading and commenting here. It means so much to me. Thank you my friends.
Liz said…
Two special people will be greatly missed

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