American Sushi House - Restaurant Review

While I am not a fan of Japanese food I have to say that American Sushi House in
Pacifica has turned me into a fan. My friend introduced me to this restaurant a few years ago and I have been back a few times since then including dinner last night before a concert in Foster City.

There are many things that stand out about this restaurant. First the decor is charming with white lanterns and Japanese flower baskets and paintings adorning the walls. I also love all those sake bottles behind the sushi bar and have tasted many of them, thanks to my friend Carmen along the way.

The owners and staff are probably some of the most friendly people I've met in any restaurant. They're sweet, accommodating and are always there to help and serve you.

I do not eat sushi so whenever I go I always order the tempura. Both the shrimp and vegetable tempura are delectable with huge portions. The salad which comes with the entree is very tasty as is the miso soup. The dinners are filling, satisfying and inexpensively priced for the portions you receive.

The sake? Believe me when I say it's all good. This restaurant is only about a twenty minute drive from San Francisco and is well worth a visit if you are in the area. They do not have a website so you can
click here for their Yelp page.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like a nice place to have dinner, Jo..I don't eat sushi either, so I will have tempura like you!
RNSANE said…
I have been overjoyed since American Sushi opened so close to my home. It is as you described it, Jo, and I eat there at least once a week. Their bento lunches at under ten dollars for three items are a real bargain! Owners, Joanne and Bruce Lee, make everyone feel like family and the there is a huge selection of dishes to suit every palate!
Stacie said…
I am not sushi fan but the way you describe the restaurant it sounds beautiful!
Ratty said…
I'm too much of a picky eater, so I don't try anything new unless it's put in front of me. So I've never had Japanese food before. I do like the way places like this look though for the same reasons you've written.
Glynis said…
I have tried Sushi once, it was okay but I would be choosey about what I had again.
betchai said…
oh, i love sushi and sashimi :) yes, i love the japanese salad and miso soup, but of course, add the tempura in the list too :)
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Icy, the tempura is scrumptious there.

Carmen, I'm so glad you turned me on to this place. I love it.

Stacie, It's really a favorite of mine.

Ratty, Thanks for the comments.

Glynis, I as you never eat sushi but this restaurnt has a variety of foods so I have alot to choose from.

betchai, you'd love it and not to mention the sake which is worth the trip alone :-)

Shoki, Thanks for visiting.

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