Sundays In My City - Pier 39

Pier 39 Boat Docks

Pier 39 Sea Lions

Pier 39 Carousel

Pier 39 Shops

Crab Sculpture At The Entrance To Pier 39

Unknown Mami

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eileeninmd said…
Great series on your city, I love the crab sculpture and the sea lions. Happy Sunday!
Paula said…
This looks like a really fun place to go to.

The sea lions look really cool bhasking under the sun :)
Vidya Sury said…
What fun! I love how the sea lions are chilling in the sun. And the giant crab sculpture! Lovely photos!
Wayne W Smith said…
I can almost hear those sea lions.
Great captures, you show it off nicely.
StarTraci said…
Fun! I used to head down to Pier 39 on a regular basis. I took my kids there the last visit while they were still so young. I can't wait to take them again now that they are older.

Great shots -- happy Sunday!
Keetha Broyles said…
Being a midwest kinda gal, I've never even HEARD of San Fran's Pier 39 before, but now I'm in love with it.
Unknown Mami said…
There is not a cloud in the sky in these pictures. I love beautiful San Francisco days. I also love the picture in your header, it's wonderful.
Maggie said…
Haven't been to Pier 39 in ages - your post makes me want to pop right over there soon.

Love the photo in your blog header.
OK, we have seals on the beaches, but sea lions on a dock are way cooler! Great pictures!
Michelle said…
Really beautiful shots on such a clear day
Thanks for all of your visits and comments.
Molly said…
Thank you for sharing these... I do love seeing other parts of the world. The only place I have ever seen a sea-lion is in the zoo. I can't image just coming across them in the wild like that.


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