Watery Wednesday #177

San Francisco Bay View From Pier 39

Flower at San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Ocean Beach Cliffs in San Francisco

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betchai said…
ahh, the first is so peaceful, the second is so refreshing, and the third stirs imagination, wonderful set of images, Jo.
I love all of them pictures..... all the different facets of nature..
Ann said…
nice shots, I love the look of that pier
Betchai, thanks so much, I love your words.

Bankchik, Thanks for your kind comments.

Ann, Thanks, it is so peaceful there.
The captures were all very clear and sharp.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful set of photos, Jo! Each picture gives the eyes and the mind something to feed on..
AVCr8teur said…
What a beautiful day when you captured Pier 39! I see the sea lions in the distance.

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