Straight Out Of The Camera Sunday - San Francisco

Embarcadero Center, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco

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Lighthousegal said…
Interesting statue in the first shot, very colorful Garden in the second shot and beautiful shadowed building in the last shot. Each one is a very clear photo and beautiful scene.

Thanks for sharing!
Happy Sunday!
Genie said…
WOW!!! Your SOOC pictures make mine look like a loose noodle. These are gorgeous. Beautiful lighting and shadows and the colors are heavenly. Love the red of the entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden, the sculpture is so nice (I think it looks like a lotus) and the architecture of SF is so nice. Great post this week. Mr. Linky keeps telling me my post is already up on the site, but it does not appear. Here is the link should you want to see the mountains of VA where we live. genie

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