high tide low tide

Photos taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

high tide -
low tide

the yin yang of it all 


zorlone said…

Did I tell you I stayed in North California for almost 4 months. I was in Fremont. Could have met up with you for a cup of coffee in SFO.

I miss that place.

It's good to be blogging again.

Zorlone, oh I wish I knew you were here, we could have met up for lunch or coffee. Hope you liked it here. There's always next time :) and it's good to see you blogging again.
RNSANE said…
Dearest Jo, that header is spectacular and, of course, I've seen that high tide, low tide, and all in between. I was awake all night, seems like the least little thing is bringing me to tears. I am not ready to come home...nor, even, to go to Hong Kong...wish I knew someone there. Tried to call Cathay to change things...stay a few days longer in India, a few days less in Hong Kong but there were no frequent flyer seat changes. I'll be home the 10th, have five dasy in Hong Kong...see you soon.
Andrea said…
Yes, that is the beauty the tides bring, in addition to the tide pools in the shoreline. I still remember one of our Ms Universe delegate when asked how many islands comprise the Philippine archipelago. Everybody laughed when before answering, she verified "high tide or low tide?". LOL

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