Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom would have been 88 years old today, March 29th.  She passed away on July 9, 1994.  I miss her every moment of everyday.  My memories of her will live in my heart and soul forever.  I love you, Mom.


Mike Golch said…
I lost my Mom Sept 2003,I miss her as well.Happy Birthday to you Mom.Big Time Hug for you.
Thanks, Mike and a big hug to you too.
betchai said…
happy birthday to your mom, Jo. your mom has a beautiful smile, so radiant and happy. like you, I miss my mom too who passed away november 2002.
eileeninmd said…
Sweet post, Happy Birthday to your Mom. I miss my Mom and Dad, we all have lovely memories. Have a great day!
Icy BC said…
Happy birthday to your Mom, Jo! Hug to you..
Ann said…
Happy birthday to your mom
Thank you everyone :)

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