Macro Monday Random Flowers

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Ann said…
very pretty. I really like whatever that third one is
Thanks, Ann. That is a rhododendron. They are blooming right now in the gardens and are just beautiful.
Genie said…
These are gorgeous macro shots of some beautiful flowers. None like that are blooming here in VA....just daffs and cruces...and our trees are trying to bud out. Sort of scary. I wonder what out spring will turn out to be. Lovely photography. genie
Kateri said…
Love the raggedy sunflower!
Jama said…
Love that sunflower with it's shaggy petals, so beautiful!
Lea said…
I'm glad you identified the third one. The first one must be some type of Sunflower. Is the second one a Japanese Magnolia? (sometimes called a Tulip Tree)
Happy Macro Monday!
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Carletta said…
Beautiful shots!
These are filled with vibrant color and crisp detail - lovely work!
Herding Cats said…
Gorgeous shots, I love the sunflower!
Beautiful flowers.
My favorite is your first photo :)

Regards and best wishes
Bryan said…
The sunflower is really pretty; I like the colors. But the texture and detail of the rhododendron.
Cecilia Artista said…
Beautiful flowers!
Love the picture of the Sunflower!
Teresa said…
These are all wonderful, but I just love that last shot!
Mama Zen said…
So pretty! I love sunflowers.
Kerri said…
So Lovely! I am looking forward to seeing new blooms this spring!!
Calling by as another participant in Macro Monday, love all three but the sunflower is my favourite.
Love all of them ~ favorite is a Sunflower ~ great shots!~thanks for sharing, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)
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A huge thank you to everyone for visiting and sharing your kind thoughts and comments. Very much appreciated.
Kala said…
Wonderful details in these flower shots.

Happy MM
betchai said…
as always, gorgeous shots Jo, flowers do bring in smiles.
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous macro shots of these beautiful flowers.

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