Watery Wednesday #176

Japanese Tea Garden Pond in San Francisco

Water Droplets on Buds at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Courtyard Waterfall on Market Street in San Francisco

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betchai said…
Jo, beautiful pictures, and I so love your new header!!
Thanks Betchai, I snapped the header shot yesterday at the Japanese tea garden. It was a beautiful pathway.
Robert Geiss said…
Thank you for this oasis very much.

Please have a good Wednesday.
Jim, thank you and I really enjoyed that fountain on your post.

Robert, thanks for visiting and commenting and sharing that peaceful shot on your post.
Karen said…
Terrific shots. I like the all the textures in the last one.
Ann said…
That tea garden is gorgeous. So much green. I can't wait to see green again :)
Karen, Thanks. It almost looked like lava flow.

Ann, I love seeing all the green around these days. It's gorgeous out there.
Photo Cache said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Very creative photography ~ Wow! ~ thanks ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) ^_^
Carol, thank you so much for your visit and comment. Very much appreciated.
Friend of HK said…
The Garden pond is beautiful!
Beautiful...I especially like the very 1st one...just look at the gorgeous setting and the manicured landscaping.

My Watery photo is published now...Pelican 'chit chat'.
Wolfsrosebud said…
second pic... my favorite... nice
Icy BC said…
Your header is fantastic and inviting!

You have such a beautiful place to visit and photograph. I like the first one. No, actually I like them all.
Monica said…
Wonderful series for WW! Love the japanese tea-garden!

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