Sundays In My City - San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco Bay at Pier 39

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

Ocean Beach

Penguin Island at the San Francisco Zoo

Buddha at the Japanese Tea Garden

Water Fountain at the Botanical Gardens

Unknown Mami

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kulasa said…
I love looking at the view in your city...I love the first and the third photo most!
Wayne W Smith said…
I would love to go see that penguin island live. Thanks for the photo.
Tara R. said…
Your shore birds are much prettier than our seagulls on the Florida Gulf.
Molly said…
There is something very cool about the bird on the beach picture.. he looks really quite fed up don't you think.

ceodraiocht said…
Beautiful shots - Great seagull capture, adn it is SO clear on the Pier 39 flag.
EG CameraGirl said…
I'd love to spend a Sunday there. :)
Keetha Broyles said…
What a lovely collection of photos - - - I love penguins, they are amongst my favorite creatures to watch at the zoo.
StarTraci said…
I love SF so much. The Botanical gardens are so gorgeous but I have never seen the Penquin Island -- how cool!
Unknown Mami said…
I love every single one of these, but my very favorite is the Buddha.
MamaTim said…
U made me feel like I'm really travelling the world. Thanks for the share :)

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