Winterling Roslau Bavaria Plates - Set of Four

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Simply stunning in a gold colored designed we have a set of four plates by Winterling Roslau Bavaria. Each plate measures 7 1/2" in diameter and the back stamps read as follows: two plates read Winterling Roslau Bavaria 1 - one plate reads the same without the 1 and the last plate though identical to the others does not have a back stamp at all. Each plate is in excellent condition with only very minor scuff wear on the back of the plates.

The best way I can describe these plates is understated elegance. They display richness yet with a simplicity that is immeasurable.

The gold color and design on each plate is gorgeous with amazing details. This set was kept in a curio cabinet for years. I urge you to view the photos. The light you see in some of them is due to glare from my window.

For details and ordering visit the listing on Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.


betchai said…
oh wow, the design is very elegant Jo, love the simplicity, the geometric figures that spells elegance.
Thanks Betchai. I decided to integrate my store blog with this one since I have more followers here and it's easier to just have one blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting on it.

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