Martin Ray Winery Wine Goblets Set of Two

One of my favorite wineries in California is the Martin Ray Winery in Santa Rosa, Californa. It produces some of the best wines I have ever tried. As a result, I signed up for their monthly wine club a few years back and with my first purchase I received these two wine goblets.

They stand about 8 1/2" tall and about 3 3/4" at their widest point. They are hefty wine goblets with one glass that could hold almost a half bottle of wine. They were used a couple of times then placed in a glass curio cabinet. They are in used but good condition with only a minor scuff flaw on one of the logos that was there when I received it.

Each glass has the Martin Ray Winery logo which displays their emblem and reads Martin Ray Estab. 1943 and has the Martin Ray signature below the emblem.

For more details and ordering instructions visit the listing at my new shop Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.

Here is a poem I wrote and published as a tribute to the Martin Ray Winery series of red wines named Angeline.


I breathe
the floral essence
of your luscious earthtones.
A full bodied intoxicant
lavished with a hint of spice.
My tongue anticipates
the eloquence of your
private reserve.
Your passion fruit
tauntingly lubricates my lips
enticing, yet smooth,
ripe in sumptuous flavor.
I sip, slowly savoring
your lush aromatic overtones
teasing my palate
with unbridled pleasure.
Your rich sweetness
inhabits my mouth
with sensual exploration.
I drink your passion
to completion.


betchai said…
beautiful poem Jo, I love the eloquence of your words, though I can't drink wine, but I can almost feel the passion in your words.
Icy BC said…
Such a sensual poem, and just so beautifully written, Jo.
betchai, thanks so much :)

Icy, Thanks. It's funny when some people first read it they asked me "who is Angeline and are you trying to tell us something?" they didn't know it was about a wine :D

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