Wordless Wednesday - Water

Photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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rainfield61 said…
Water pattern in the second picture is beautiful.
RNSANE said…
You had a great day at the Garden! Wonderful photos!
Icy BC said…
Oh Jo, these are incredible captures! Love the rings around the duck, the pattern of wave, and the reflection in the water! They are all so beautiful!
Darrel said…
As always, beautiful photos that give me a chance to sit back, breathe and enjoy for a moment. I truly am a fan of what you do, Joanne. Thank you for sharing with us. Always, Darrel
Bossy Betty said…
You've done a great job here. Loved the shots, but the first one is my favorite!
Breathtaking said…
It seems like a good place to be creative.The duck is so cute,the swirling water in the second
is fasinating.

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