Thursday Two Questions Meme - Regrets

As many of you already know, I opened an eBay store last December in which I've been selling my own collectibles as well as those of my Brother and parents. For a while it was going very well until eBay changed policies and fee structures. Their policies are such that as a store owner you really have no free reign over your store and their fees are exorbitant. Granted, they do bring buyers to your store but if you are not making a profit or just breaking even, then it's time to leave. Whether you sell an item or not you still pay their fees.

I did not want to leave but I found a venue which hosts free stores for sellers and only charge one small fee for each item you sell which is about four times lower than what eBay charges. As a store owner, you have complete freedom over your store and as an ex eBay seller you can easily and quickly import all of your merchandise and open your own shop. They are called Bonanza and are located at

So, I spent all morning on this and have my new shop opened at Jo's Collectibles Mercantile or CollectiblesByJo. I wanted to keep the Collectibles Mercantile name for search engine reasons.
What I like so much about this new shop and this new venue is that I feel totally free and not worried about what's going to sell and what isn't and anxious over the Hitler regime and policies at eBay.

I have to admit I felt some regret thinking over this situation but realized that eBay was a good learning experience for me and now it's time to move on.

My two ?'s this week are:

1. Do you have any regrets about anything?

2. How do you deal with those regrets?

Thursday Two Questions
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betchai said…
i haven't tried Ebay Jo, have been meaning to ask you how you started everything, but then, I deeply thought about it and realized I have no idea what to sell :( sometimes i just get excited seeing what my friends are doing, and I am excited for you, hope things will be better at bonanza.

right now my mind does not work so well that i could not think of any that i regret doing or not doing. i think because a lot of times i give myself a chance, and if i make mistakes, i consider them as an opportunity to change or learn for the better.
♥~Judy~♥ said…
Jo, I have sold at ebay and have to agree with you. It was several years ago so if they are more expensive that will certainly deter me from going back. I wonder if they realize how they are pricing themselves out of the market? I also sold at Overstock Auctions and it was easy and much cheaper.

If we bind ourselves up with regrets we will never try anything. I regret more not trying than trying and failing.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, just lost all my comments. ugg.
I am happy for you to have found the new place to sell your collectibles. It is fantastic that you are not left without a place.
I have heard about Ebay's changes as well as their exposure. I think for the amount of traffic they get, you would sell more than other places.
regrets, i do have many. but one that stood out is the persistence of having a tree in this one spot that has killed everything I planted there. I spent too much time, money and effort. Yet I refused to give up.
Icy BC said…
I've tried to sell a few items on eBay, and just broke even. I found Amazon is a better place to go. I'm glad that you've found a new place to re-open your store. You put so much energy and effort into it to let it goes.

Regrets? Oh I have so many, but they are learning curves, and life lessons, Jo. We just have to keep moving.
Ann said…
I can't say that I have any regrets. Some of my experiences may not have been pleasant ones but each one taught me something and helped me grow.
Thank you all for visiting and commenting. I think you are all right that these are all learning experiences and opportunities to grow. Thank you again my friends :)
JamericanSpice said…
I'm glad you found a great option other than ebay. They are going nuts these days. They best not think they are top and can't get back to bottom.

I do have regrets about many things. I didn't want to live with things like that but life is interesting like that.

I am too hard on myself about regrets and they eat me.


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