Thursday Two Questions Meme - Cooking and Recipes

I inherited many of my Mom's recipes when she passed away and decided to publish a cookbook with some of my favorites. When she was alive we always had family gatherings and cooked all of the meals together. I have so many happy memories of those times.

In celebration of my new store over at Bonanza, Jo's Collectibles Mercantile I decided to offer a freebie to customers and thought why not offer the same to my blogger friends. For any of you who would like a free recipe from the book and my Mom's archives, just email me at with your choice of either Greek or Italian and I will email a recipe back to you. You can also specify if you would like a food or dessert recipe.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you normally cook or go out to eat?

2. Do you use recipes or cook from memory?

Thursday Two Questions
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betchai said…
we normally eat at home since I love to cook :) but on Friday night, I take a day off from the kitchen, that's the time we dine out.

I cook from memory and by taste, somehow, though i have lots of cook books as well, but I am not very detailed in following instructions. If there is something i like when i taste them, i kind of guess the ingredients and replicate it at home by taste.
SquirrelQueen said…
The cookbook is a great idea. I had a close friend who left me all her cookbooks and handwritten recipes in her will.

We mostly eat at home, it is so much healthier than most restaurants.

I cook mostly by memory for most all dishes except desserts. I cannot bake without a recipe.
Icy BC said…
1) We cook at home most of the time to stay on budget, and eat out once in a while.

2) I cook from memory, and some time from creativity. My son likes to look up recipes when he wants to cook.
Self Sagacity said…
Hi Jo, I would love to get a recipe from the greek menu, an entre would be nice.
We used to go out and eat a lot when I first met SO, then it dropped less by the years, and now mostly on the weekends.
There are certain dishes that I have to look at the recipe, even if I was the one who invented it. I can't remember everything and it saved my brain from trying to think too hard.
Thanks for linking up and playing a long this week.
Ann said…
we usually eat at home and my husband does most of the cooking because he's a very fussy eater. I occasionally cook and it's always from memory.
Fibro Witch said…
I have a very small kitchen so most of my meals are one pan affairs. I have fun tossing different things in the pan as I cook. My favorite spice to change is salt, I will use sea salt or red salt, or pink salt, or even black salt because they change the recipe more than table salts can.

To quote my Mom, it's not a recipe, it's a guideline.
JamericanSpice said…
I usually cook instead of going out to eat. We eat out maybe once every 3 months and sometimes it varies.

I sometimes cook from scratch and sometimes from recipes.

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