Thursday Two Questions Meme - First Impressions

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I was talking with a friend the other day about first impressions. I find that many people viewing the same photo or scene etc... will inevitably result in each person coming up with a different perspective or first impression. So, I thought that this would be a fun exercise for all of you.

I was at an event this past weekend and decided to conduct a first impression test. Now there are no wrong answers here, I simply want your first impressions. Also, there are some of you, like Carmen, who know these sets of feet and who they belong to so you can't answer the questions but please leave your thoughts.

1. Are any of these sets of feet mine?

2. When viewing these sets of feet what are your first impressions of the person who is "attached" to each set? A one word answer or sentence is fine.

Enjoy and have fun. Make sure to click the photo to enlarge.

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SquirrelQueen said…
I'm thinking that maybe you took the photo so none are yours. But if that wasn't the case I might guess the middle set of feet.

All three sets of feet look like women who are comfortable with who they are and enjoy life.
Icy BC said…
I think the purple/pinkish pair of shoes are your feet. My first impression is that the person in that shoe is conservative, neat, and dress appropriately for the occasion.
Luna Miranda said…
this is an interesting post. i'm not sure if any of these feet are yours. wild guess--you have red shoes.:p

first impression: open-toed sandals with tattoo - a free-spirit
red shoes - a reserved person
running shoes - confident and comfortable
Ann said…
I'm going to say no, none of those are yours
first impressions from left to right

young free spirit

fashion trendy mom

comfy casual
I also think that none of the pair of feet belong to you. ..
The one with the tattoo on the feet ~ trendy.
the red shoes- a bit more conservative.
the tennis shoes- a person who cares more about moving around then what shoes they wear.
Self Sagacity said…
Black sandals belong to someone who definitely has an opinion, the tatoo speaks for that as well as the type of sandals she is wearing - stylish and forward. the reb esparellas(spelling?) are of a woman who likes softer lines, pretty things, balarina style, the third is a man, and I can't see you as any of them. But I could be you have any of the first two personalities? what a fun exercise.
I am constantly being judge by the clothes I wear, my hairstyle and my looks. No doublt about it first impressions are kind of fun.
Self Sagacity said…
did my first comment go through? I don't know what happened? It didn't have the usual message. your comment....will be ....
JamericanSpice said…
Yes the one with the sandals is you. I based this off what I'd wear.

I figured they were sitting together eating ice cream cones. I don't know why, I just do. :)
Thank you all for participating. This has been so much fun and very interesting reading all of your opinions. There is a mixture of all of the personalities you've mentioned in all three of the people.

While my camera was used, I was not the one who snapped the photo so yes, the middle feet with the burgundy shoes are mine. The sneakers belong to a very happy go lucky guy and the sandals belong to the sweetest and most kind woman you would ever meet.

Thanks everyone.

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