Ruby Tuesday - Flower

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rainfield61 said…
A good day to you.
Rainfield, and to YOU, my friend. :)
nonizamboni said…
Don't you just love how complimentary colors turn up in nature?! These are gorgeous photos for Ruby Tuesday.
noniz, thank you and and yes, they turn up automatically in a beautiful symphonic color wheel.
Tes said…
Hi Jo! Love the vibrancy of your photos. They stand out! :) Have a good one, gurl!
Thanks Tes, I've been reading that a black background is the way to go for photo blogs so I thought I'd try it.
Linda Makiej said…
Beautiful photos and a wonderful blog - so glad to have found you!
betchai said…
wow, love the angle of your shot Jo.
Linda, thank you so much.
~✿~Icy BC said…
This flower is so gorgeous, Jo, and fantastic shots you did..
RNSANE said…
I took pictures of that flower the day we went to Sloat Garden Center. I wish I knew its name since it is so pretty!
Mel Cole said…
Fantastic capture of this flower. Would love you to visit my Ruby Tuesday page here.
Betchai, Thanks, I like to snap flowers at weird angles :D

Icy, thank you, they are gorgeous and so unique.

Carmen, They are passiflora or passion flowers.

Mel, thank you.
chubskulit said…

My Ruby Tuesday post, hope you can come and visit.

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