Macro Flowers Saturday #56

These photos taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

Click to enlarge photos.


Meconopsis Grandis - Blue Himalayan Poppy

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Angelgirlpj said…
I love flowers and your pictures are beautiful.
Ann said…
Those are just beautiful. I love the blue color of that last one
Ange, thank you so much, very appreciated.

Ann, I know isn't that cool? It's almost a purplish blue. Have a wonderful weekend.
betchai said…
beautiful macros Jo, seems like really getting deeper into each blossom's heart of beauty.
Rajesh said…
Beautiful macro shots of flowers. The last one is terrific.
Unknown Mami said…
The last one is my favorite.
SquirrelQueen said…
Gorgeous macro shots. I love them all but the last one is absolutely stunning!
Kim, USA said…
They are all so pretty. And my favorite is the last one. Thanks for the visit and happy weekend!
Maia said…
Theses are amazing, all of them. The last two shots show amazing details on these pretty flowers.
the blue Himalayan Poppy is my favorite too, never saw one till now.
Have a great weekend!
blue sunset said…
wow, they are all so beautiful!!! i could sit here and just stare at them forever:)
Thanks Betchai, I like capturing the essence as much as I can.

Rajesh, thanks for commenting.

Mami, glad you like it :)

Squirrel, thanks so much.

Kim, thanks and have a wonderful weekend as well.

Maia, I love them, they are just gorgeous. The lighting in that shot was not too great but there are several blooming in the gardens right now so I will try and get some better shots this coming week. Thank you.

Blue, aw, what a wonderful compliment, thank you
RNSANE said…
As always, exquisite work, Jo! The Blue Himalayan Poppy is my favorite. Perhaps I might even get to the Himalayas to see it. Or to Kathmandu where one of my Royal Caribbean beverage managers is from.
Judy said…
So glad you suggested enlarging these macros! They are even better that way! I can't decide whether my favourite is the first one, or the last one. I will have to take another look...
Carmen, the Blue Himalayan poppy is my favorite in person. They are blooming like crazy in the gardens.

Judy, You can have 2 faves :D Have a wonderful weekend.

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