Thursday Two Questions Meme - What Are Your Favorite Subjects?

Those of you who know me and follow this blog know that I love flowers, plants, trees and nature in general.  I cannot be in the Botanical Gardens without my camera.  Although I visit there very often I can never get enough of the South African gardens.  The plants and flowers that grow there are just so exotic and beautiful that I am obsessed with photographing them.  I thought I would share with you some of my favorites along with the signage that is posted in that particular garden.

My two ?'s this week are:

1.  When taking photos, what are your favorite subjects?

2.  If you are not a photographer but an artist in another genre, what are your favorite subjects?

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Ann said…
Love your shots for the day. Very nice.
As for your questions
I guess my favorite subjects to photograph would have to be anything nature related and probably Duke
Ann, thanks, same here. If I had Duke, he's all I'd be photographing :D
betchai said…
oh Jo, when i just read your title in my blog before coming here, my answer was "Math", so foolish me to think about subject in school, haha! anyway, my favorite subject is:
1) anything about nature, somehow am not interested in taking people shots nor commercial shots. but if they are integrated with nature, then, i can appreciate it.
2) ahhhh, when i was still into painting, my favorite subject was still about nature, scenic landscapes and mostly by the sea.
Betchai, Math was my least favorite subject :D Your photography is always so spectacular that I can see the passion you have for it in each of your shots. I did not know that you painted. I would love to see some of your work.
Bossy Betty said…
I love these pictures! I like to shoot little children, but they often run away from me. (I wonder why?)
SquirrelQueen said…
Like you flowers are my number one subject then animals. Squirrels and my little brood of cats get most of my attention. Then come the ducks and geese at our local avairy.
Betty, :D Normally kids don't like having their pictures taken, like many adults I know.

Squirrel, we are very much alike in this regard. Plants, flowers, squirrels, birds and critters. We should go on a photo shoot together :)
Icy BC said…
1) When taking pictures, I tend to go for flowers, sky, and animals (if I can).

2) If I'm not taking pictures, I like to draw people faces, and stick figures.
Icy, Like Betchai, your photos are amazing, especially those rain and water droplets. I would love to see some of your drawings. You should post some :)
Self Sagacity said…
Those are very exotic plants and I love anything exotic, food, plants,
1) My favorite subject for taking photos is flowers. I like macro shots of them because I get to see them in a way I couldn't normally.
2) Since blogging I turned into a photographer too, but I really like being creative with designs.
Self, me too. The more exotic the better. Why do you think I like Hong Kong so much - those exotic Asian men. I've always loved them :D

I'm also with you on the macros, that is exactly why I enjoy taking macro shots.
Daisy said…
My Mommeh's favorite photography subject is... ME! I make it easy for her, because when I see the camera I come running because I love modeling. I am a little bit of a ham.
Luna Miranda said…
i also love taking photos of flowers...they're my favorite subjects right now.:p

if i were a painter, i'd love to paint nature--fields and mountains, streams, sunsets, flowers.
DoanLegacy said…
These are spectacular photos of the flowers!

My favorite subject to take picture is flowers, critters, and flowering trees. Other than this, I doodle shapes.

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