Skywatch Friday - Perched

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VaishVijay said…
Lovely, looks like those birds are watching out for something in different directions!
Vaish, It does :) Thanks so much for visiting, commenting and following.
Icy BC said…
Love, love, love the new header Jo!

The seagulls are enjoying the sun and blue sky..
rainfield61 said…
They stay too far apart.
Karen said…
The sentinels! A terrific shot.
Bossy Betty said…
So cute! Each has his own throne!
J.Bar, thank you.

Icy, thanks. The header is a pic of my favorite bird so I had to display him. He's kind of blurry but I still love him :)

rainfield, haha! They have probably been married for too long :D

Karen :) thank you.

Betty, Good one :)
Ann said…
oh how cool, it's a matching set :)

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