Skywatch Friday - Afternoon Moon

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Heather said…
Wow! That is beautiful. I wish I had a lens that could achieve that. Some day, some day! I'll just enjoy my childrens portraiture for now ;)
Heather, thank you. It's not me, it's my camera's zoom lens. It really amazes me sometimes.
I guess you deleted my comment. Oh, well. I refuse to delete links, because I think it's a stupid idea.
VioletSky said…
Sometimes, I think I prefer an afternoon moon to the usual night moon. This is a particularly nice example.
VioletSky, I feel the same as you. The afternoon moon has a unique allure. Thanks so much.
Carolyn Ford said…
Such a great moon shot! Any daylight moon is to LOVE!
Carolyn Ford said…
yes, my image of the "old sailing ship" in San Francisco is the Balclutha! I should have written the name in the text! Thank you for your visit!
Carolyn, you captured that Balclutha shot perfectly. It's an amazing sailing ship. Good job.
Linnea said…
It's in a beautiful phase...well done!
Linnea, I caught it at the perfect time. Thanks.
maiaT said…
I love these late afternoon hours when both, the Sun and the Moon are on the sky.
Beautiful shot of the Moon on the clear, blue sky.

Macro Flowers Saturday is back, hope to see you there later.
forgetmenot said…
Wow, what a great shot. I just bought a new camera, and it is certainly better than what I was using before, but I think I need to add a zoom lens like yours. Great shot--I want to be able to do that too. Mickie :)
Bossy Betty said…
Incredible image!!!
Oh Maia, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I will work on a post today. Thank you and I hope you are doing much better.

forgetmenot, What camera did you buy? Yes zoom lenses are great if you have one. Thanks for commenting.

Betty, Thank you so much :)
Icy BC said…
Beautiful moon with such a blue sky! My camera is incapable to this..
Icy, thanks. My camera just happens to have a great zoom lens on it. Though sometimes they come out blurry. With this particular shot, I had to take it a few times before it came out right.
Kay L. Davies said…
Fabulous photo.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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