Limited Edition Collectibles Versus Non Limited Editions - What Do You Buy?

The collectibles world in general is an ever changing venue for buying, selling and collecting. There was a time when limited edition collectibles were at a peak and trading for 100% and more above their original price point. Today, however, many do not hold that price any longer for various reasons.

Many artists now sign with several different producers and allow their work to be strewn among many different genres. A good example is Thomas Kinkade. Where once his plates were highly collectible and produced by one manufacturer, now his works can be seen everywhere and on everything from books to calendars to note cards and more. Once that happens, the work depreciates. Limited editions are about supply and demand. When the supply is higher than the demand, the items no longer hold a high value.

Limited editions are based on either the amount of days in which an item was produced or a specific number of pieces. There are many items described as collectibles which are not limited editions such as the fan plate above. It is not by any named artist, yet it is unique, it displays high quality color artwork and it's attention to detail is amazing. It is collectible for it's artistry rather than the amount of pieces that were produced in a given time, like the plate seen above it - Sam Squirrel's visit. Both plates are collectible in their own right and both display unique artwork in different settings.

When I buy something for myself, I buy what I like. I don't care where it was made, who created it or even who produced it. If it is visually appealing and I want it, I buy it. When I buy for the store, I have to ignore my own personal preferences and look at the supply and demand factor combined with the uniqueness of the collectible. I have to spend more time reading the backstamp on collectibles which show the maker, the date, the country and the artist. Either way it's fun for me. I enjoy collectibles in general so whether I'm buying for myself or the store it's always a fun adventure. For more details on the two plates shown above visit Jo's Collectibles Mercantile.

My two questions this week are:

1. Do you buy many decorative items for yourself, family or friends?

2. When you do purchase a decorative item, do you care where it was made, when it was made or who created it?

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SquirrelQueen said…
I love the Sam Squirrel's Visit plate.

I don't buy a lot of decorative items for myself and rarely for others. Unless I know someone is looking for a specific item I don't want to purchase something they might now like.

When buying for myself I buy what I like and what I think will look good in my home. I really don't care if it was made by a specific person or factory. I like unique.
DoanLegacy said…
1) I rarely buy decorative items for myself or others. The people I know, are very picky!

2) If I buy something, I look where it was made, and some time the artist who made it.
Emille said…
What a beautiful fan, Joanne! I'm with you, "designer" names don't mean anything to me:)
Squirrel, I thought you might like that plate :D Thanks for your comments.

Doan, I do the same when shopping for something to add to my store. I carry around a magnifying glass so I can see backstamps and marks :)

Emille, Thanks for the comment. For myself, they mean nothing to me either.
JamericanSpice said…
I honestly don't buy decorative items. I sometimes really do want to, but don't usually have the money!

ALoha! :)
Stacy Uncorked said…
While I definitely will buy a decorative item for myself, I won't buy them for other people, unless they've mentioned something they specifically want - since I don't want to get them something that might not fit in with their current decor. ;)

Usually I don't care where/how/who it was made, if I like it, and I think it's cool (for me), I'll buy it, collectible or not. ;)

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Self Sagacity said…
1) Yes, I love buying decorative items. Things that I buy are are anything that goes with my house deco.
2) Recently, I am starting to find more interest in where the items came from. To me the items are more interesting as to where they came from.
1) I love to be able to collect and buy these wonderful art.
2) Sometimes it is hard to know where the items were made from, unless it is printed.

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