Decorative Asian Fan Styled Collector's Plate

This elegantly designed fan collectors plate depicts intricately styled flowers in stunning detail and color.  They are gold with hints of red and white alongside beautiful gold butterflies.  The plate itself is a green color with gold borders.  Please view the photos.  Also I wanted to mention that the handle on the fan is a gold color despite the photo which displays it as looking red which is the color I was wearing and reflected in the light. 

At it's widest point, the plate measures 9 1/2" by approximately 6 1/2".   It is a simple yet beautifully styled piece and is in good condition.  It shows minor scuff wear on the bottom of the plate.  I urge you to view the photos.

The bottom of the plate reads TOYO Jade Kiku Japan and has Asian writing.

For more details and ordering instructions, visit our listing at Collectibles Mercantile.


Icy BC said…
This is a beautiful plate, Jo! Very unique looking.
Icy, I love this one. I always gravitate towards Asian art when I see it. Thanks.

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