Watery Wednesday - Turtle Sunbathing

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Adore these photos! So cute! It looks like 2 turtles in the first photo!
Kay L. Davies said…
I don't know why, but I just love pictures of turtles! These are great.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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march on... said…
so refreshing the water is for these turtles :)
Greyscale, yeah it is two in the first photo. They came out a little blurry though.

Thanks, Kay, they are cute :)

march on, they are always hanging out in that pond. They must love it :)
jeannette said…
Yes, it looks their place to hang out! When I saw your pic on FB I thought, oh my, I am behind, so I better get going:):)
betchai said…
oh so cute and adorable, turtles on top of another.
Jeanette, Thanks for stopping by :)

Betchai, yes, turtles humping :) I hated to intrude on their private moment LOL!
Claro Santiago said…
love the turtles. Looks like they have their own world, so happy.

hope you can visit me too.

ewok1993 said…
i think they were doing more than sunning themselves :)
Claro, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

ewok, I think you are right :D
RNSANE said…
Is that at the Garden, Jo? Nice pictures. I am sure they enjoyed a little warmth and sunshine!
fjÀllripan said…
So swwet and great photos! I never seen a turtle in real :)
Ann said…
Lucky turtles :) I think we are finally getting the kind of weather here though that we can start doing a little of that also
Daisy said…
I like turtles, too! It seems they are having a little trouble sharing that little log.
Luna Miranda said…
cute!:p they should be belly up to get some tan.:p
gengen said…
Sureness they have fun bathing...Happy WW!
Thank you everyone for dropping by and checking out the turtle love :D
Ladynred said…
Oh! these are cute photos! The first photo perhaps they are lovers.lol
Watery Wednesday
Self Sagacity said…
I don't know how they can possibly hump with those thick shells. LOL.

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