Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday - A Floral Symphony

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Genie said…
Bees, bugs, and good to be true. These are beautiful captures. The macros are stunning. Nice photography.
awarewriter said…
A symphony indeed. I like them all but the last is my favorite.
Linda Makiej said…
what a great collection of photos...
Have a great week!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
I am loving everything about Spring.
Genie, yeah, the three b's :) Thanks so much.

awarewriter, thanks, that is one of my favorites as well.

Linda, thanks for the kind words.

Trish, Oh, I am as well. I wish there were a way I could publish the scents that Spring displays. Thank you.
betchai said…
as always, beautiful macro shots Jo
GrandmaK said…
Oh how beautiful! Wonderful pictures with such beautiful detail! Cathy
Jama said…
Beautiful symphony of macros!
Karen said…
A glorious symphony!
Betchai, I love doing those macros and thanks so much.

Grandma K, glad you enjoyed them. Thank you.

Jama, :) very much appreciated, thanks.

Karen, thanks for the kind words :)
WOW!! You got it all with these photos. Love the colors and how you were able to capture the flower and the bugs. Awesome!!
Icy BC said…
Gorgeous macro photos with the critters, Jo! I'm starting to see bumble bees around here, but not honey bee yet.
I enjoy the natural symbolism hidden within the images. Your work contains many levels of enjoyment.
Elaine, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Icy, Yes, the bees are definitely out and about right now. I'm chasing birds and running away from bees when they spot me :D

Ronald, your kind words are very much appreciated.
pcphotoblog said…
Hi - love your series here! The last image has an artful feeling.
pcpotoblog, thanks so much and it's nice to have my photography referred to as art :)
Ann said…
a standing ovation for your fabulous symphony performance
Bella Skye said…
Great macro shots!
Anki said…
Fine photos of fine flowers.
Real Lady said…
What a lovely snaps you have here.

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