Scenic Sunday @ The San Francisco Botanical Gardens

All of these photos were taken at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens.
Please click the photos to enlarge.

Scenic Sunday
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Misalyn said…
Great photos! must be a nice place to visit. I really like the photo of the squirrel.
Misalyn, thanks, he is a cutie :)
Jama said…
Love that shot of the squirrel, so cute!
Jama, the squirrels in the garden are a big attraction so they actually now stop and pose for photographers, it's hilarious :D
betchai said…
as always, it looks very inspiring and beautiful there Jo, wow, you are lucky to have squirrels pose for you, isn't that great?
Ann said…
it's always a pleasure to walk through the gardens. Love that squirrel.
Icy BC said…
Beautiful view, indeed, of your beloved Botanical Garden, Jo.
Genie said…
Botanical gardens wherever they are seem to me to be a bit of heaven on earth. These shots show just some of the different things and flowers you can see. Beautiful.

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